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Collect Items

How to Obtain:

  • Scouting (first 10 sections only)(each player is guaranteed at least 3 of 6 items in each set)
  • Stage battles (used to get the remaining item)

Used for:

  • Obtaining SS cards and other goodies (see below)
No. Name of Set Components Scout Zone Completion Reward
1 Robo-Coney Set Collect 1a.jpgCollect 1b.jpgCollect 1c.jpgCollect 1d.jpgCollect 1e.jpgCollect 1f.jpg
*Guaranteed 5 of 6
Tokyo7th Block 7 SS Robo-Coney
2 Maid Set Collect 2a.jpgCollect 2b.jpgCollect 2c.jpgCollect 2d.jpgCollect 2e.jpgCollect 2f.jpg
*Guaranteed 4 of 6
Academy SS Haru (Cleaning Maid)
3 Yakisoba Girl Set Collect 3a.jpgCollect 3b.jpgCollect 3c.jpgCollect 3d.jpgCollect 3e.jpgCollect 3f.jpg
*Guaranteed 4 of 6
Shopping Mall SS Musubi (Yakisoba Girl)
4 Vivado! Uniform Set Collect 4a.jpgCollect 4b.jpgCollect 4c.jpgCollect 4d.jpgCollect 4e.jpgCollect 4f.jpg Shopping District (East) SS Rona (Vivado Uniform)
5 Nonohara Tofu Shop Set Collect 5a.jpgCollect 5b.jpgCollect 5c.jpgCollect 5d.jpgCollect 5e.jpgCollect 5f.jpg Entertainment Street SS Hime (Nonohara Tofu Shop)
6 Heavy Metal Clothes Set Collect 6a.jpgCollect 6b.jpgCollect 6c.jpgCollect 6d.jpgCollect 6e.jpgCollect 6f.jpg Seaside SS Momoka (Heavy Metal)
7 Bunny Girl Set Collect 7a.jpgCollect 7b.jpgCollect 7c.jpgCollect 7d.jpgCollect 7e.jpgCollect 7f.jpg Amusement Park SS Sumire (Bunny Girl)
8 Competitive Swimwear Set Collect 8a.jpgCollect 8b.jpgCollect 8c.jpgCollect 8d.jpgCollect 8e.jpgCollect 8f.jpg Central Park SS Sui (Competitive Swimwear)
9 Swimsuit Coney Set Collect 9a.jpgCollect 9b.jpgCollect 9c.jpgCollect 9d.jpgCollect 9e.jpgCollect 9f.jpg Airport SS Coney (Swimsuit)
10 Summer Dress Set Collect 10a.jpgCollect 10b.jpgCollect 10c.jpgCollect 10d.jpgCollect 10e.jpgCollect 10f.jpg Shopping District (West) SS Susu (Summer Dress)

Note: completion rewards are received the first time you collect all 6 fragments and every 10 times afterwards. Completions in-between will give other miscellaneous rewards such as friend points and recovery items.

Recovery Items

Item stamina drink.jpgItem stamina drink half.jpg
Item charisma donut.jpgItem charisma donut half.jpg

How to Obtain:

  • Login bonuses
  • Scouting
  • Campaign rewards (usually half)
  • Event rewards (usually half)
  • Legendary Boss rewards (usually half)
  • Purchasing from the shop with 7th Coins

Used for:

  • Restoring SP (Stamina Drinks)
  • Restoring CP (Charisma Donuts)

Half recovery items will restore half of the player's maximum stamina or charisma.

Item Produce

Item cookie s.jpgItem cake s.jpgItem candy s.jpgItem gum s.jpgItem ice s.jpg

How to Obtain:

  • Stage Battles
  • Event rewards
  • Campaign rewards
  • Raid event rewards

Used for:

  • Raising idol potential
    • P Cookies are used for vocalists
    • P Cakes are used for variety show idols
    • P Candies are used for models
    • P Gums are used for players
    • P Ice Creams are used for dancers

There are 4 sizes of produce items: (S)mall, (M)edium, (L)arge, and (Ex)tra. The larger the produce item, the greater the effect said item will have. The EX size is currently only available as an event prize.

Other Items

Item collect guard.jpgItem audition ticket.jpgItem tutorial ticket.jpg

Items that fall under this category are the Collect Guard, 7th Audition Ticket, Special Support Ticket, Tutorial Ticket, and High Power Mic.

How to Obtain:

  • Go through the tutorial (Tutorial Ticket)
  • Winning a Stage Battle in the first 10 episodes? (Collect Guard)
  • Event rewards (7th Audition Ticket and High Power Mic)
  • Final ranking rewards (7th Audition Ticket and Special Support Ticket)

Used for:

  • Rolling in the 7th Audition gacha (Tutorial Ticket and 7th Audition Ticket)
  • Rolling in the Special 7th Audition gacha (Special Support Ticket)
  • Protecting a collect item from being taken (Collect Guard)
  • Quadrupling your team's HP and ATK (High Power Mic)