4 Days Live Carnival

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  • Event Name: 4DAYS ライブカーニバル
  • Event Name (English): 4 Days Live Carnival
  • Event Period: March 13, 2015 - March 16, 2015, 3PM JST
  • Event Type: Live Stage Event (Cooperative)

How to Participate

Go to Live Stage (music note, red button), and on the music select screen, press スペシャル at around the top-right hand corner. Select your partner and confirm your unit, then play the song to earn event points. As common in previous live stage events, higher score ranks and combo ranks lead to higher event points.

Event points will only be earned when the song is played at designated times in the スペシャル section. Since this is a cooperative event, the event points you earn will contribute to an overall pool of event points throughout every player of this game. The higher the event points of all players combined, the better the resulting reward. Personal rewards will also be given at the end of the event based on the player's contribution.

Cooperative Rewards

Points earned Reward
30,000,000 EP
Small P Items
300,000,000 EP
Medium P Items
Large P Items

Wins are cumulative of all players participating in this event. Prizes to be distributed after each runthrough.