Araki Rena

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Profile rena.png
Original name 荒木レナ
Age 16
Birthday March 21 (Aries)
Blood type A
Height 158 cm
Weight 43 kg
Three sizes B78/W54/H77
Voiced by Unknown
Nickname Rena
Talent Pole vault
Likes Art galleries, coloured tights
Status High school student, track and field club
A sporty girl that's a member of the track and field club. Her ambition and ability to concentrate are helpful for live performances, but she gets unbelievably nervous if there's a sports rally before the live. She's at the age where she likes to poke fun at boys.


Bronze (Summer Uniform)

Rena b summer.jpgRena bs summer.jpg
Type dancer icon.png Type dancer icon.png
Summer Uniform ???
CP 4 CP ???
HP 416→??? HP ???
ATK 256→??? ATK ???
Skill Field Girl Looking Back Skill ???
Effect Raises unit ATK Effect ???
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote Hello~! I'm Araki Rena. I'm new as an idol, but no one can beat me at jumping high. Quote ???
Rena bv summer.jpgNo card.png
Type vocalist icon.png N/A
??? N/A
CP ??? CP N/A
Max HP ??? Max HP N/A
Max ATK ??? Max ATK N/A
Skill ??? Skill N/A
Effect ??? Effect N/A
L. Skill ??? L. Skill N/A
Effect ??? Effect N/A
Quote ??? Quote N/A