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There are usually several notices in the game's bulletin board, many of which are notices, some of which are ongoing events and campaigns. You will find details for each current notice, event(s), and/or campaign(s) on this page.

New Gold Card Added

New g cards12.png

A new card for Sisala was added to the 7th Audition gacha! Let's challenge it!

Info coming soon.

Special 7th Audition Gacha

Special 7th audition 4.png

  • Current Round Period: now until May 14, 2015
  • Current Round Prizes: Azami Miwako (Snow-viewing Sake), Tsunomori Rona (777☆Cheer), Katsuragi Kazumi (Rainy Bus Stop), Harumi Shinju (777☆SISTERS), and Xiao Fei Hung (Home-made Lantern)

A new round of cards are now available in the Special 7th Audition! Collect Special Support Tickets from events and use them to get a guaranteed G out of a select amount of G cards available!

In order to roll the Special 7th Audition gacha, you need at least 7 Special Support Tickets. It's possible to roll this gacha multiple times at once if you have enough tickets, up to 10 times.

Referral Campaign

Referral campaign chacha.png

  • Current Campaign Period: now until May 7, 2015 3PM JST
  • Current Campaign Prize: G Ootori Chacha (Shopping)

On the campaign page you will see your player ID (a string of 7 letters). Introduce your friends to the game and have them enter your ID in the box below for prizes!
Each player may only enter ONE referrer, and only players under level 20 can do so. For the referral to count for the referrer, the referred player must reach at least level 10.
Support the wiki by entering OWOXEEk as your referrer! Shini-tan will be very grateful for this ヾ(*・ω・)ノ (Alternatively, you can support the primary contributor, A-zu-ra, by entering QicRJ5A as your referrer)

How to enter a referral code

  • Go to the referral campaign page by tapping the referral campaign banner
  • Tap the 4th tab on the page (it should read 招待コード入力)
  • Enter your referral code in the text box and then submit

Remember that you must be below level 20 to enter a referral code and below level 10 to gain both level rewards.


  • For each person that enters your referral code, you will receive the following depending on how many people you've invited:
    • 1-2 invitees: 500 7th Coins
    • 3 invitees: G Ootori Chacha (Shopping)
    • 4-9 invitees: 500 7th Coins
    • 10 invitees: G Ootori Chacha (Shopping) and 500 7th Coins
  • When an invitee reaches level 10, you and the invitee will receive: Audition Ticket, Stamina Drink, Charisma Donut (For up to 5 invitees)
  • When an invitee reaches level 20, you and the invitee will receive: Green Jersey Coney, Stamina Drink (For up to 5 invitees)

Other Rewards

T7S Strategy Info

T7S links.png

[FINISHED] Surprise! Flower Viewing Party


Event Time: April 1, 2015 - April 9, 2015 3PM JST
Event Type: Raid Event

For event rewards, check the event page here. This event has already ended.