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Density... Memory Foam is an incredibly difficult solution to know generally. There are a lot of myths and false truths on the net it is hard to understand the item and how to locate the correct one for you. This telling the best web page has numerous fine warnings for when to mull over it. There are two key things that must be known before buying a memory foam item online. The first is thickness and the second reason is ILD Indention Load Deflection - or FIRMNESS. Many listings do not also mention ILD and density is very usually lied about on E-bay. Density is a way of measuring quality which tells you just how much one cubic foot of polyurethane foam weighs. Density is a measure of quality and not tone. The most common thickness is 5 lb. memory foam and thats where the confusion begins. Tempur substance was the very first foam ahead onto the marketplace and its occurrence is 5.3 lbs. per cubic foot. That quickly has transformed into the standard for measuring quality in memory foam products. For-a topper, 3 lb. memory foam or better will normally suffice. For a mattress, 4 lb. Foam or better is recommended. In the event the density is less than 4 lbs. per cubic foot, the bed wont last extended. It is simple to expect a 4 lb. or greater mattress to last you for more than 10 years. Identify more on our partner wiki by visiting check out bed for back pain. There is a new form of foam that weighs about an 8 lb. density. Tempurpedic includes a new mattress coming that works on the 7.2 lb. Thickness. These super-high density storage foams are new trends that will be created by an interesting product within the foam bedding industry. ILD is just a measure of firmness with foam products and services. It can be extremely confusing to-understand how the measuring process works, therefore I will try my most readily useful to describe it in plain english. The easiest way to know ILD is to use a sliding scale. With polyurethane foam items the most frequent ILD reviews are from 8-20. 8 is lavish and 20 is firm. Tempur product has an ILD of 14 and has a medium stiffness stage. Foam with an ILD rating of 10 is supportive and luxurious with a rating of 5 lb. Occurrence. ILD could be the MOST important aspect to consider when buying foam products anywhere. Creating memory foam Polyurethane Foam is established in 3 main ways 1. The first method to develop polyurethane foam is by using a molding process. Here is the way Tempurpedic produces their memory foam. This stately site use with has assorted wonderful tips for how to think over it. The process uses chemicals that other memory foam manufacturers use, however it is honestly a subpar way to make memory foam that leads to inconsistencies for the way each bed feels. Test this on your own and youll discover that some Tempurpedic mattresses that would be the same product may feel different when examined. 2. The next way to produce memory foam is in a vacuum sealed chamber. This is actually the way foamex makes their memory foam and it provides a solid feel and a frequent product. 3. The final solution to develop foam items could very well be one of the most disturbing. This is actually the way most Chinese polyurethane foam is established. They create closed-cell foam and then they crush it to create open celled memory foam. This leads to a feel that is rather consistent and is genuinely not as bad as it looks. Asian memory foam has improved in quality significantly in the last couple of years and could be a value at lower costs than some of the popular brands. O-n E-bay, 85-90 of results are put in place by only two different businesses. One company is completely dishonest about their services and products and the other uses their other IDs to mislead customers into seeing false competition. Be careful when getting polyurethane foam on Ebay and dont become a victim..