Escape From White Day

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  • Event Name: エスケープ・フロム・ホワイトデー
  • Event Name (English): Escape From White Day
  • Event Period: March 5, 2015 - March 12, 2015 3PM JST
  • Event Type: Raid Event
  • Main Event Prizes: G Futagawa Mimi (Meeting Up)

How to Participate

Go to Scout (pair of footprints, green button), and on the right hand side, press the event button (microphone with shines around it), where you'll be taken to a dedicated event area. Proceed to scout as normal until you run into your opponent (either Rishuri, Ayumu, or both). When you encounter your opponent, you will have an hour to defeat them to count as a victory.

As you gain more victories, your opponent will level up and become stronger; if you lose a battle against your opponent, you will have the option to call your friends for help (press the third button at the bottom of the results screen after a loss). Your friends can help weaken or defeat your opponent if they respond to your call; as you call for help, you will also start off a chain that boosts attack power for your friends if they respond within 10 minutes of initiating the call. In order to respond to calls from other friends or to continue your current battle, press the BOSS button on the top-left hand corner of the My Page screen or the red button on the right edge of the scouting screen (red button with an exclamation point and shines around it).

Alternatively, you can also purchase and use High Power Mics (used by pressing the only pink button on the bottom of the battle screen) to quadruple your team's HP and attack for that round. They can be bought in the shop for 100 7th Coins.

Additionally for this event, Futagawa Mimi will occasionally make a high-powered appearance at set times. Defeating her will net a chance of produce items and lots of event points.

The prizes in this event are based on three factors: win count, event points, and event point rankings. See below for details.

Futagawa Mimi Schedule Reference

Here are time references for major parts of the world. Adjust for slight differences on an individual basis, DST included.

Time (JST) PST (JST-17) EST (JST-14) UTC (JST-9)
8AM - 10AM 3PM - 5PM
6PM - 8PM
11PM - 1AM
1PM - 3PM 8PM - 10PM
11PM - 1AM 4AM - 6AM
9PM - 12AM 4AM - 7AM 7AM - 10AM 12PM - 3PM

Win Count Rewards

Team Type
Rishuri Ayumu Rishuri and Ayumu
25 wins 1x Red Jersey Coney 1x High Power Mic
50 wins 1x High Power Mic 1x Red Jersey Coney
75 wins (DONE) 1x Green Jersey Coney 1x High Power Mic
100 wins 1x High Power Mic G Futagawa Mimi
(Meeting Up)
125 wins (NO PRIZE) 1x High Power Mic
150 wins 1x Rainbow Jersey Coney 1x Green Jersey Coney
200 wins (DONE) 1x Rainbow Jersey Coney
250 wins

Event Point Rewards

Quota Reward
100 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
200 pts 2000 Gold
400 pts 200 Friend Points
1000 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
2000 pts 1x Stamina Drink (Half)
3000 pts 4000 Gold
4000 pts 400 Friend Points
6000 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
8000 pts 1x Charisma Donut (Half)
10000 pts S Futagawa Mimi (Date Clothes)
12000 pts 6000 Gold
16000 pts 600 Friend Points
20000 pts 1x Green Jersey Coney
25000 pts 1x Stamina Drink (Half)
30000 pts 8000 Gold
35000 pts 800 Friend Points
40000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
45000 pts 10000 Gold
50000 pts G Futagawa Mimi (Meeting Up)
55000 pts 1000 Friend Points
60000 pts S Futagawa Mimi (Date Clothes)
65000 pts 1x Charisma Donut (Half)
70000 pts 25000 Gold
80000 pts 2000 Friend Points
90000 pts 1x Green Jersey Coney
100000 pts 50000 Gold
110000 pts 1x Stamina Drink (Half)
120000 pts 1x Charisma Donut (Half)
140000 pts 1x High Power Mic
160000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
180000 pts 25000 Gold
200000 pts 2000 Friend Points
240000 pts 1x Rainbow Jersey Coney
280000 pts 50000 Gold
320000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
360000 pts 50000 Gold
400000 pts 1x Stamina Drink
450000 pts 50000 Gold
500000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
600000 pts 1x Charisma Donut
700000 pts 1x High Power Mic
800000 pts 1x Stamina Drink
900000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
1000000 pts 1x Rainbow Jersey Coney
1.4M - 5M pts
(every 400K)
1x 7th Audition Ticket

Event Point Ranking Rewards

G Futagawa Mimi
(Meeting Up)
Jersey Coney P Cakes Special Tickets Charisma Donut (Half) Friend Points
1st - 50th ◆◆◆◆ EEEEE 14 × ×
51st - 150th ◆◆◆ EEEE 10 × ×
151st - 300th EEE 8 × ×
301st - 750th ●●● EE 6 × ×
751st - 1500th ●● LLL 4 × ×
1501st - 2500th ●● LL 2 × ×
2501st - 4000th 1 × ×
4001st - 10000th × × 1 ×
10001st - 20000th × × 1 ×
20001st - 35000th × × × 2000

● = one unit / = Rainbow Jersey / = Green Jersey / = Red Jersey