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Q: How do I redeem the serial code for my pre-register GS Nanasaki Nicole?

A: Go to the News screen and scroll down to the six blue rectangles. The top right one is for serial code entry.


Q: What's this screen that comes up when I level up?

A: This is where you distribute stat points to raise either SP or CP. You can also access this screen by going to your Player Info and pressing the third button at the bottom (with the stat gauges).

Q: Should I spend my stat points on SP or CP?

A: Depends on which one you find yourself needing more. SP is used for scouting and CP is used for stage battles and live stages. If you're not sure, SP is a useful choice for story progression. However, you will need to invest in CP as well if you want to do well in stage battles or play a lot of live stages (the highest cost for a stage battle is currently 50SP).

Q: How fast does SP/CP regen?

A: SP regens at a rate of 1 SP per 3 minutes. CP regens 1 CP per minute.


Q: How do login bonuses work?

A: Each day you log in, you'll receive bonus items. The bonus you get depends on how many consecutive days you have logged in for. Not logging in on a day will break your streak and you will start at Day 1 the next time you log in. It is currently unknown how long each login period is, so for now it is best to complete your login bonuses as soon as possible so that you don't miss out on the free items (including an Audition Ticket on the 15th day). Once you've collected all 15 bonuses, it will reset and you start from the beginning again. Login bonus rewards are subject to change and the cards given out so far have not been exclusive (i.e. they are available in Gacha too).

Usual login bonuses will usually amount to the following:

  • Day 1: Item
  • Day 2: Item
  • Day 3: Item
  • Day 4: Item
  • Day 5: Item
  • Day 6: Item
  • Day 7: B Coney (Red Jersey)
Q: How do I spend real money on this game?

A: As of the October 29, 2014 revamp, press the Menu button, then select Shop. There should be a button at the center bottom that says Purchase 7th Coins (セブンスコイン購入), in which you can now purchase 7th Coins with real money.