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Q: Will Tokyo 7th Sisters work on Android 5.0?

A: As of now, Tokyo 7th Sisters should be compatible with Android 5.0.

Q: Will the Android version get hit sounds?

A: As of now, the Android version now has hit sound support.


Q: What's the button on the bottom-right of the title screen?

A: This button directs you to a menu that contains the following, from left to right on each row:

  • Transfer code entry (引き継ぎ), which performs the same as the right button from older versions. This allows you to transfer your profile from one device to another and requires both the transfer code and the password you prepared for it.
  • Starting a new game (新規プレイ), which performs the same as the left button from older versions. This starts a new game from the very beginning.
  • Restoring resources (リソース修復), which is useful for those that run into "coming soon" issues in-game.
  • The credits sequence (クレジット), formerly part of the extended menu.
  • The opening movie (OPムービー), formerly part of the options menu.

The first two options will wipe your game's current progress, so be careful when choosing any of those two.

Q: How do I add friends?

A: On the My Menu screen, press the メニュー (Extended Menu; far-right on bottom row of buttons) button and select the フレンド (Friend; 3-persons icon, orange button) button. Press フレンド検索 (Friend Search; also a 3-persons icon) and insert either your friend's player name or their player ID. If you decide to add via player IDs, remember that they are case-sensitive.


Q: Does it really matter which type I pick at the beginning?

A: Only if you're concerned about type-matching, which only nets HP gains for cards matching your set type, as well as ATK gains for fighting against opponents of opposing type in Stage Battles (see this section for details). Otherwise, you can just pick any type.

Q: How do I increase my maximum CP?

A: Each time you level up, 3 points will be added to your maximum CP (1 point for Level 91 onwards). You can also increase your maximum CP by adding friends, each accepted friend will increase your maximum CP by 3 points.

Q: How do I recover my CP?

A: ① Regen by time (1CP per minute)
② Levelling up (Full CP Recovery)
Recovery Items

Q: What determines which characters are shown as my support group for my friends in Live Stages?

A: Your support group consists of each sub-unit leader from your selected appeal unit.


Q: What's the difference between the 7th Sisters and the 777☆SISTERS?

A: The 7th Sisters, consisting of Nanasaki Nicole, Misonoo Mana, Wakaouji Rui, Hanyuuda Mito, Yusa Memoru, and Kotobuki Qruit, was an idol group that disbanded in 2032 for reasons unknown. The 777☆SISTERS (pronounced "three seven sisters"), on the other hand, was formed from the main 12 members of Nanastar in 2034 (present day in-game), seen over by you as their manager alongside Rokusaki Coney, and are very much active.

Q: How do login bonuses work?

A: Each day you log in, you'll receive bonus items. The bonus you get depends on how many consecutive days you have logged in for. Not logging in on a day will break your streak and you will start at Day 1 the next time you log in. The login period lasts until Midnight JST, so make sure to complete your login bonuses before then so that you don't miss out on the free items. Once you've collected all of the available bonuses, it will reset and you will start from the beginning again.

There may be additional login bonuses as well, mostly depending on active campaigns; those will not be affected by a streak and will go through the bonuses sequentially even if you don't log in on a day.

The normal login bonus will amount to the following:

  • Day 1: Charisma Donut (Half)
  • Day 2: 4000 Gold
  • Day 3: Charisma Donut (Half)
  • Day 4: 4000 Gold
  • Day 5: 500 Friend Points
  • Day 6: Red Jersey Coney
  • Day 7: 2 7th Points
Q: Why can't I transfer my account to another device?

A: If you have recently conducted an ID transfer, you cannot do another one until a month's time passes. Please be aware of this for your data may be lost if you conduct an ID transfer and wipe your data without knowing that a month needs to pass.

It is still possible to get your account back if you do make this mistake, though you will need detailed and polite recall of the events prior to losing access, as well as remember a good amount of detailed and specific information about your account such as what your My Page idol was, what G and P rarity cards you possess, what your performance on any events you participated in was, the day (or an approximate) of when you started playing T7S, and much more.

Q: So what's the specific information I need to get my account back in case the above happens to me?

A: The information required to get your account back in the worst-case scenario is the following. These three points are required for all queries:

  • User name (what your name shows up as in the game) [ユーザー名]
  • User rank (what your current rank was) [ユーザーランク]
  • Referral ID [招待ID]

Additional information is also needed, as much as you possibly can recall, in order to better authenticate your ownership of the account. Accuracy is important, so try to answer the following to the best of your ability:

  • Current limit of your card box [所属アイドル上限人数]
  • The day you started playing the game [ゲーム開始日]
    • An approximate time frame will suffice (e.g. middle of December)
  • Current profile character [プロフィールキャラ]
  • Said profile character's level [プロフィールキャラレベル]
  • Scouting progress (how far did you complete scouting?) [スカウト進捗]
    • A character and approximate progress will suffice (e.g. Halfway through Sawori)
  • Last time you logged in [最終IN時間]
  • Your results in the events you participated in [レイドイベント ライブステージイベント等の成績(何点まで達成したか等)]
    • Point approximations are recommended; barring that, what G card prizes you obtained (or didn't) will also suffice. Be sure to detail as many events as you can.
  • All of the cards above G rarity that you possess [所得GS・Gカード]
  • The serial code that you used (in case you preregistered) [使用したシリアルコード]

This query, as with the above question, must be done in Japanese. If you either don't know Japanese or are unsure of your current Japanese capabilities, ask someone that can at least translate your queries into Japanese; they'll need to send you back the translated query for you to, in turn, send to info@t7s.jp.

Q: How do I spend real money on this game?

A: Press the Menu button, then select Shop. There should be a button at the center bottom that says セブンスコイン購入 (Purchase 7th Coins), in which you can now purchase 7th Coins with real money.