Futagawa Mimi

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Profile mimi.png
Original name 二川ミミ
Age 20
Birthday October 15 (Libra)
Blood type B
Height 166 cm
Weight 51 kg
Three sizes B87/W58/H89
Voiced by Unknown
Nickname Mimi
Talent Forgetting people's birthdays
Likes Domestic travelling, going on drives
Status University student
A very mature 20-year old girl, which is rare for Nanasuta. She is lively and challenges everything head-on. She likes to take her beloved car on drives during her days off. Even though her hobby is going on drives, she isn't good at driving.


Bronze (Casual Clothes)

Mimi b casual.jpg Mimi bs casual.jpg Mimi bm casual.jpg
Type variety icon.png Casual Clothes Type variety icon.png Striped One-Piece Type model icon.png Striped One-Piece
Cost: 7 HP: 853 ATK: 224 Cost: 8 HP: 1110 ATK: 292 Cost: HP: ATK:

Active Skill: Earnest Older Sister!

Active Skill: Do You Like Me?
Self-heal when under 50% HP

Active Skill:

Leader Skill: None

Leader Skill:

Leader Skill:

Live Stage Skill: Tension Up LV1
65% chance of healing your tension by 30.

Live Stage Skill: Tension Up LV2
65% chance of healing your tension by 50.

Live Stage Skill:

Live Leader Skill: Talk Support
Raises the ATK of Variety-type cards by 1%.

Live Leader Skill: Talk Support+
Raises the ATK of Variety-type cards by 2%.

Live Leader Skill:

You're my manager? Hmm... You're pretty cute. I'm Futagawa Mimi. Don't fall for me, okay?

These kinds of clothes look good on me, right? Come on, you have to look at me when you praise me.