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My Page takes form of a home button in the bottom right corner of most non-scenario screens, and serves as the home screen of the game. You can see your current level, current CP, and your 7th Coins on the top right. The ticker below displays information regarding current events, and the banner above the navigation buttons displays ongoing campaigns.

Live Stage (ライブステージ)

Livestage icon.png

Live stages are the rhythm game component of T7S and requires Charisma Points to play them. Live stages also increases intimacy with the cards of the unit selected.

When playing a live stage, choose the song you would like to play as well as its difficulty. You may also select the mode on the side of the song jacket, namely the "MV Mode", "Dance Mode" and "Light Mode". After that, choose a friend to accompany you in the song and select your idol unit. Choosing the same type attribute as the song will yield higher scores. Press START and the game will begin.

As the music plays, markers will appear from the top of the play lanes and scroll towards a hit zone at the bottom. Tap on the marker as it reaches the hit zone. Some markers may cover across two or more lanes, you only need to tap once on any part of the marker. A tension gauge is displayed at the top right corner. Getting BAD and MISS will deplete the gauge. If your tension reaches 0, it's game over.

There are five types of notes:

  • Blue markers are normal notes and merely require you to just tap on it.
  • Green markers are hold notes and require you to tap and hold down for the duration of the note. Release your finger as the end green marker reaches the hit zone.
  • Yellow markers are flick notes where you will have to tap and flick (in any direction) as it passes the hit zone.
  • Purple markers are sky notes and require you to tap and hold, as well as shift your finger upwards. As the sky note ends, shift your finger back towards the hit zone.
  • Multi-colored markers are skill notes where an idol's skill will be activated.
  • Some notes that are marked with a star (☆) will appear when you are playing in "Dance Mode". These notes will generate screen effects and do not add additional score.

There are four types of live skills that may activate throughout the song:

  • Score Up: Increases your final score
  • Tension Up: Increases your tension
  • Strengthen Judgement: Increases note accuracy momentarily; timing to get PERFECT is less stricter
  • Combo Bonus Up: Increases the score of the individual note based on your current combo

When the song ends, your note breakdown, combo, timing trend, rate and final score will be displayed. If you were successful, you will receive some EXP, Gold, Friend Points, and some idol cards, and every participating idol card's intimacy will increase. You will also receive Gold and 7th Coins by ranking a certain score, combo or clear counts per difficulty, per song.

Each song has an individual rating which will be increased based on how well you have played for that song. The total rate will also increase based on the average individual rating for all songs.

Legacy Mode

An option to play the legacy version of the rhythm game of Tokyo 7th Sisters prior to the 30th November 2017 update is available by tapping on the blue box on the right of the difficulty setting. All note charts from the 43 songs that were released before the update will be playable in the two-lane format under the new multi-lane rhythm interface. No Charisma Points will be consumed when playing in the legacy mode.

Gacha (ガチャ)

Gacha icon.png

To obtain cards of higher rarities, you will be required to roll in the gachas. Typically, there will be four types of gacha draws:

  • 7th Audition: Premium draws that require 7th coins and contain S cards and rarer. You can see the cards available by pressing the blue button. Audition Tickets from events can also be used for premium draws. The chance of getting a G rarity card is 4% while getting a G+ and P rarity card is 1% each.
    Single Card Draw Audition Ticket x1 / Icon coin small.pngx500
    11 Cards Draw Icon coin small.pngx5000
    From time to time, the first draw will be made available at 20% of the cost: Single Card Draw Icon coin small.pngx100 / 11 Cards Draw Icon coin small.pngx1000
  • 7th Collection: Obtain cards released into the game since the beginning till 31st December 2015.
    Single Card Draw Icon coin small.pngx100 (First Draw after every game maintenance) / Icon coin small.pngx500
    11 Cards Draw Icon coin small.pngx5000.
  • Idol Limited Step-Up Gacha: Increase your scores with the new G+ cards! This gacha works similar to a typical Step-Up gacha, but requires a member card to unlock. The gacha for that member will only be available for 24 hours from the first pull. (Member card can be obtained by raising idol to i-n-gLv 8 or through 7th JACK LIVE)
    Step 1 Free: 1 Card
    Step 2 Icon coin small.pngx1000: 3 Cards, G card and above guaranteed, Chance of appearance of G+ card doubled
    Step 3 Icon coin small.pngx3000: 11 Cards, G card and above guaranteed, Chance of appearance of G+ card times 4, Produce Item (EX) x1
    Step 4 Icon coin small.pngx5000: 11 Cards, G card and above guaranteed, Chance of appearance of G+ card times 8, Produce Item (EX) x2
    Step 5 Icon coin small.pngx5000: 11 Cards, G card and above guaranteed, Chance of appearance of G+ card times 16, Produce Item (EX) x3
  • Nanastar Scout Caravan: Mostly gives B cards with a small chance of obtaining S cards. You get two free draws each day: one free draw daily and one during "lunch time" (from 11AM to 2PM JST).
    10 Cards Draw Icon friend point small.pngx2000

Additional time limited gacha draws (Step-Up, 7th Medal, Lucky 7, Single Attribute Type or Birthday Gachas) will also be made available, which typically runs from the midnight of a Saturday till the next maintenance.

Scouting (スカウト)

Scout icon.png

Scouting is how you progress in the story - scenarios are unlocked as you scout out each zone. Each zone has an individual area map consisting of events, which utilises a Scout Point (SP) to advance. If you do not have enough SP, you can either play the Live Stages to earn more SP or use 50 CP to advance.

There are three different types of events on the map:

  • Episode events allow you to unlock one part of the story.
  • Battle events allow you to battle against the designated opponent using Charisma Points based on your selected unit. Upon victory, you will be able to continue the map and receive EXP and Gold. Occasionally, you will receive pre-determined idol cards and collect items. The first attack for each battle event costs 0 CP.
  • Item events reward you with the specified item.

A list of all scouting locations and rewards can be found at the locations page.

Collect Items

While scouting you can also find Collect Items which are fragments of cards. Collecting all six fragments will reward you with a limited idol card and miscellaneous rewards for every successive set. However, each player can only find four types of fragments from scouting. The other types must be obtained by winning battles against other players.

Daily Scouting

In the daily scouting map, a specific scouting area will open each day. The scouting area allows you to battle four opponents of various difficulty levels. Rewards for the idol cards in the daily scout map is doubled based on the set of idol cards for each day. Produce items are also rewarded in the weekday scouts.

Free Scouting

The free scouting map allows you to scout in a special area without any episode events which, upon reaching the goal, will switch to a fresh new map. You can earn various items in free scouting, such as Jersey Coneys, Sunglass Coneys, Produce Items, 7th Audition Tickets and 7th Coins.

You will need to utilise 25 SP to advance through the free scouting map, which can be obtained from Live Stages.

Producing (プロデュース&レッスン)


Icon: Sparkling idol, light blue button (1st in a set of light blue buttons on the bottom left).

There are four categories in this section, but first, it is important to understand how the card stats work.

Card Stats

Type: There are five types of idols: Vocalist, Variety Show Idol, Model, Player, and Dancer. Stronger renditions of these five types are also available on GS and PS cards: God Voice, Comedian, Actress, Star Player, and Trickster, respectively. If a card's type matches the type you selected when you started the game, that card will see a boost in HP. Attacks against opposing card types will also see a boost in ATK power as well.

Types follow a basic rock-paper-scissors format, as shown below:


Rarity: There are five base rarities of cards: P (Platinum), G+ (Gold Plus), G (Gold), S (Silver), and B (Bronze). Awakened cards will have S appended at the end.

Level and EXP: Pretty self-explanatory if you've ever played a video game before. EXP can be gained by group lessons. Levelling up cards will increase their HP and ATK.

Cost Points: There is a cost limit when forming a unit. The total sum of the cost values of the cards in that unit cannot exceed that limit. Note that stage battles consume as much Charisma Points based on your unit cost points. Units with higher cost points will be much stronger, but also consume much more Charisma Points.
This stat is actually called Charisma, but will be referred to as Cost on this wiki in order to prevent confusion with the blue Charisma Points bar that gets depleted for stage battles.

HP and ATK: Each card has a health points value (HP) and an attack points value (ATK) that contributes to the total HP and ATK of the unit it is in.

Skills: There are three types of skills. Regular skills are active so long as the card is in a unit. Leader skills are only active if the card is the leader of the unit, and need to be unlocked by maxing out a card's potential (see below). Live skills are used solely in Live Stages and are used to earn more points, get more PERFECT or recover Tension during a song.

Potential: When viewing a card's details, there is a third tab that shows their potential in one to three of the five idol types. Raising a potential gauge halfway on awakened cards (cards with an S appended at the end) will give you the ability to switch a card's type, called Type Change, and maxing out the gauge for any card will unlock that type's particular leader skill.

Intimacy: When a card's intimacy reaches maximum, a bonus scenario will be unlocked and you will get some rewards in the present box. Intimacy can be raised through Live Stages. A card with maxed intimacy receives a permanent 6% bonus to its HP and ATK.

Group Lessons

Producing group.png

Group lessons are used to increase the stats of your cards. Select the card you wish to level, then up to 30 supplementary cards. The supplementary cards used will be consumed.

Each rarity has its own EXP requirements. The following are the observed EXP maximums required to max a card of that particular rarity.

Rarity Max LV EXP needed
Bronze 30 24193
Bronze Star 40 52604
Silver 40 71733
Silver Star 60 198271
Gold 50 161681
Gold Star 80 509262
Gold +
Gold Star +
Platinum 60 297406
Platinum Star 99 999999

The cards you select for your group lesson contribute a set amount of EXP based on rarity. The typical formula for determining how much EXP a particular card will give is as follows:

EXP = B * L * 1.1 (if same type) or 1.2 (if same card)

where B is the base EXP of the card and L is the current level of that card.

The base EXP of each rarity is as follows:

Rarity Base EXP
Bronze 250
Bronze Star 350
Silver 1250
Silver Star 1750
Gold 5000
Gold Star 7000
Gold +
Gold Star +
Platinum 15000
Platinum Star 17500

The only exceptions to this rule are the Jersey Coneys, which give a set amount of EXP:

Color Given EXP
Red 5000
Green 25000
Rainbow 100000

It's also worth noting that the higher the level of the card you want to group lesson, the more expensive the group lesson will be. The formula for determining group lesson costs is as follows:

Total Cost = (X + (Y * Lv)) * 100

Where Lv is the level of the card you want to group lesson, X is the average level of all cards to be consumed, and Y is the amount of cards to be in the group lesson, excluding the target card.

The best way to save on costs is by levelling cards at lower levels, preferably at level 1 if possible, with as many cards as you can. If you need to level up higher level units, try aiming for smaller group lessons with preferably other high level cards or Green and Gold Jersey Coneys.

Idol Sparkle

Idol Sparkle is a mechanic where the max level of your cards can be increased by Group Lessoning cards of the same character together. A card having a Group Lesson has a chance to increase Idol Sparkle by 1 based on the sum of the following formula for each partner card of the same character:

chance = (110 - 10 * rarity_difference) / (current_sparkle + 1)

Where rarity_difference is the number of steps between the rarity of the lesson card and the partner card. For example, B and GS are 5 steps apart (B > BS > S > SS > G > GS), so when lessoning a B into a GS, rarity_difference is 5 and the chance will be 60% at 0 sparkle. In reverse, if a GS is lessoned into a B, the rarity difference will be -5, meaning that the chance will be 160% at 0 sparkle. However, since a chance can't go over 100%, this is not useful until the card's current sparkle is greater than 0.

Following is a table of data about Idol Sparkle:

Rarity Max Sparkle New Max LV EXP Needed
Bronze 5 35 34880
Bronze Star 10 50 88924
Silver 10 60 185879
Silver Star 20 80 388009
Gold 15 65 298829
Gold Star 30 110 1067776
Platinum 20 80 582014
Platinum Star 40 139 2186965

Special Lessons

Producing special.png

Special lessons are used to awaken your cards, which increases their maximum stats and adds potential skills. This is done by combining two identical base rarity cards. When cards undergo special lessons, their rarity increases to PS (Platinum Star), GS (Gold Star), SS (Silver Star), or BS (Bronze Star) depending on their original rarity. The artwork on the card also changes.

As you special lesson your cards, the resulting EXP that comes with the awakened card is as follows:

((L1 + L2) * A) / 3

where A is the card's base EXP based on rarity and L1 and L2 are the levels of the cards.

Item Produce

Producing item.png

Item Produce is where you can give presents to your idols to raise their potential. Presents can be given to all but Bronze cards. Items can be obtained through Stage Battles and Daily Scouts.

Selling Idols

Producing sell.png

This is where you sell off your unwanted idol cards for money. You cruel, cruel manager.

Unit Formation (ユニット編成)

Unit formation.png

Icon: Two idols, light blue button (2nd in a set of light blue buttons on the bottom left).

The unit formation menu allows you to select the cards for your units - forming the strongest team to win stage battles or to get higher scores in live stages.

Each unit can have up to 9 cards, which are further separated into 3 sub-units. When forming your units, take note of the cost limit indicated at the top right of the page - the total CP values of your cards cannot exceed the cost limit. You can also auto form your unit based on the highest ATK, highest HP or balanced unit, and even form based on the highest yielding ATK for each attribute.

Tapping each box allows you to select your desired card. Dragging a card into another box switches the two cards around. To remove the card, tap the box and tap on the blue button on the bottom right of the card selection screen.

The "status" tab displays each sub-unit's ATK and HP, as well as the individual card's level, CP, ATK and HP. The "skill" tab displays each sub-unit leader's skill, as well as the individual card's skill.

You can also swap between Battle Stage or Live Stage information to view more detailed information about your unit status.

Selecting Battle Stage information displays the total ATK and HP of your unit, and also the combos that your selected cards give. Selecting Live Stage information displays the total ATK for each attribute and the tension. This is useful when forming units for matching the song type as it will yield a higher score. Switching between these two options also changes the information in the "skill" tab.

Your appeal unit (アピール) is the unit that other players will utilise when they select you for Live Stages. Your defense unit (防衛ユニット) is the unit that other players will face when they challenge you in Stage Battles. Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to set your appeal or defense unit. It is recommended to set the same attribute type for your sub-unit leaders for your appeal unit, and the balanced unit for your defense unit.

You will have six units and an additional unit free. You can purchase additional units with 100 7th Coins.

Missions (ミッション)

Icon: Checkmark, light blue button (3rd in a set of light blue buttons on the bottom left).

Completing a mission allows you to gain a number of rewards. There are five types of missions:

  • Daily Missions: Resets at 12AM JST Daily
  • Weekly Missions: Resets on Monday 12AM JST
  • Normal Missions: One-time Missions
  • Event Missions: Available during certain events. Resets at 12AM JST Daily
  • i-n-g Missions: Unlocks EPISODE3.5 stories
Mission Type Requirement Rewards
Daily Win 3 daily scout battles Icon friend point small.pngx1000
Clear a live stage AUTO LIVE TICKET x1
Complete a private lesson (i-n-g) Icon gold small.pngx1000
Clear all daily missions Icon coin small.pngx25
Weekly Clear 30 live stages Icon coin small.pngx50
Win 50 daily scout battles Icon seventh point small.pngx5
Complete all 5 types of private lessons Icon coin small.pngx50
Normal Clear all EPISODE.1.0 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Send a friend request Icon friend point small.pngx1000
Draw 3 times from the Nanastar Scout Caravan Gacha Icon gold small.pngx10000
Do a special lesson Icon friend point small.pngx1000
Win against a legendary boss Icon gold small.pngx10000
Generate Recovery Code Icon coin small.pngx100
Clear 10 EPISODE.1.5 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Clear 20 EPISODE.1.5 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Clear all EPISODE.1.5 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Clear all EPISODE.2.0-001 areas Icon 7thaudition small.pngx1
Clear all EPISODE.2.0-002 areas Icon 7thaudition small.pngx1
Clear all EPISODE.2.0-003 areas Icon 7thaudition small.pngx1
Clear all EPISODE.2.0-004 areas Icon 7thaudition small.pngx1
Clear all EPISODE.2.0-005 areas Icon 7thaudition small.pngx1
Clear all EPISODE.KARAKURI areas Icon 7thaudition small.pngx1
Clear 5 EPISODE.2.0 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Clear 10 EPISODE.2.5 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Clear 20 EPISODE.2.5 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Clear 30 EPISODE.2.5 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
Clear all EPISODE.2.5 areas Icon coin small.pngx500
[VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!]
Play [VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!] once Icon gold small.pngx2000
Play [VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!] 3 times Chara coney.jpg x1
Play [VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!] 5 times Item hololume mini.jpg x1
[Tokyo 7th Performance Match]
Play [Performance Match] 10 times Icon gold small.pngx2000
Get 1000 Event Points in [Perfomance Match] Chara coney.jpg x1
[Try The New Number]
Play [Try The New Number] once Icon gold small.pngx2000
Play [Try The New Number] 5 times Item try mini.jpg (Mini) x1
Play [7th LIVE JACK] 5 times Icon gold small.pngx5000
Play [7th LIVE JACK] 10 times Chara coney.jpg x1
Play [7th LIVE JACK] 15 times Chara coney bs sunglass.jpg x1
i-n-g Raise character's i-n-gLv to 4 Unlocks character's EPISODE3.5 First Part
Raise character's i-n-gLv to 6 Unlocks character's EPISODE3.5 Middle Part
Raise character's i-n-gLv to 8 Unlocks character's EPISODE3.5 Last Part
Complete character's EPISODE3.5 Last Part Character's Gacha Ticket x1
(for Idol Limited Step-Up Gacha)

Episodes (エピソード)

Icon: Dream bubble, light blue button (4th in a set of light blue buttons on the bottom left).

Re-read the scenarios that you've unlocked so far. Scenarios are divided into the main story, character scenarios (memory, text messages from idols and EX Episode stories) and event stories. You can also delete voice data here.



i-n-g is a system that allows you to enjoy the growth of Nanastar Idols through private idol lessons as manager. It will be unlocked upon clearing Kasukabe Haru's EPISODE.1.0-001. You can only conduct private lessons and receive mails from idols which you already have a card of.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are mini games that increases your idol's i-n-g level and consumes Lesson Tickets, which regenerates 3 per day.

Completing private lessons gives your selected idol i-n-g EXP, which raises your idol's i-n-g level. Depending on your selected difficulty and result, the experience value rewarded may vary. Also, your idol's motivation will also increase by one. Upon increasing it thrice, your idol's motivation level will be maximum.

Selecting a unit with an idol whose motivation is MAX will yield higher scores in a live stage. However, the idol's motivation will reset after playing a live stage. Note: The effect does not stack even if there are multiple idols with MAX motivation.

Types of Mini Games

There are a total of 5 different types of mini games available, which are rotated based on the day of the week (weekdays) or the time of the day (weekends).

Vocal Lesson: Vocal training to improve idol's singing ability.

Match your dot to the notes by tapping and releasing. Tap on the screen to move the dot up and release to move the dot down.

Variety Idol Lesson: Expression training to teach your idol a variety of reactions.

Score points by connecting all the icons appearing on the screen by tracing them. Scores will not be added if you release your finger while tracing or upon contact with the black stars.

Model Lesson: Trains your idol on their posing skills.

Flick towards the direction based on the arrows appearing around the screen. You will score points if you get 3 or more correct per group.

Player Lesson: Trains your idol's performance and rhythmic skills.

Match the symbols displayed at the top within the time limit to score points.

Dance Lesson: Trains your idol various dance moves.

Scores will be awarded as you tap when the two stars meet.

Lesson Schedule

Weekdays Lesson A Lesson B
Monday Type vocalist icon.png Type player icon.png
Tuesday Type variety icon.png Type dancer icon.png
Wednesday Type model icon.png Type vocalist icon.png
Thursday Type player icon.png Type variety icon.png
Friday Type dancer icon.png Type model icon.png
Weekends (JST) Lesson A Lesson B
00:00 ~ 04:59 Type vocalist icon.png Type player icon.png
05:00 ~ 09:59 Type variety icon.png Type dancer icon.png
10:00 ~ 14:59 Type model icon.png Type vocalist icon.png
15:00 ~ 19:59 Type player icon.png Type variety icon.png
20:00 ~ 23:59 Type dancer icon.png Type model icon.png

i-n-gLv Rewards

Idol's i-n-gLv HP ATK Rewards
2 +2% +2% Idol Coordinating Item Slots x2
Ornament 0001.png x1
3 +3% +3% Episode Key x2
4 +4% +4% Ornament 0002.png x1
5 +5% +5% EPISODE Mail
6 +6% +6%
7 +7% +7% EPISODE Mail
8 +8% +8%
9 +9% +9% EPISODE Mail
10 +10% +10% Ornament 0003.png x1

Legendary Bosses (レジェンドボス)


Icon: Downwards pointer, red button (2nd row, 4th button in the extended menu).

These are special battles that you unlock as you go through the story. Similar to scouting, different zones have an individual map consisting of events which utilises Scout Points (SP) to advance. Battle stages will consume Charisma Points, and they increasingly get harder to defeat as you advance further. Memory scenarios will be unlocked as you advance through the map. Upon advancing to a certain square, the next zone will be unlocked.

A list of all legendary idols and related rewards can be found at the Legendary Bosses page.

Stage Battles (バトルステージ)


Icon: Microphone, red button (2nd row, 5th button in the extended menu).

For detailed information on how stage battles work, refer to Stage battle mechanics.

Stage battles pit your unit against a rival idol unit. Battles consume Charisma Points (CP) and are used to obtain missing Collect Items. Select the Collect Item set that you need to complete, followed by the item you want to battle for, followed by the player you wish to battle. Unit composition and card skills will be the key to victory.

When you collect all of the collect items in a set, you will automatically lose one of each item and the reward card will be sent to your present box. For a list of sets and their rewards, see Collect Items. It is also possible to just play stage battles without having to obtain Collect Items.

Player Information (プレイヤー情報)


You can view your player information by tapping your level on "My Page" or from the extended menu.

This menu displays useful information of your account, as well as the option to change your selected idol, background, name, title and comment. Your idol type (as picked at the beginning of the game) is also displayed next to your name. You can also copy your player ID (friend/referral code) and send it to your friend to allow them to add you as friends.

The second screen shows your selected Appeal Unit and its corresponding total ATK and HP values, and also the leaders' skill in live stages.

On the third screen, information regarding normal Live Stages is displayed, such as your total rate, your total amount of Rank S for Score, Combo and Clear for each individual difficulty levels. On the bottom, it indicates the number of cleared area maps in Normal Scouting, and in Legendary Bosses. It also indicates the total number of cards acquired in your idol book, with each type-changed card counted as a separate number.

Extended Menu (メニュー)

Extendmenu icon.png

This is where you can access many other features of the game. From left to right, top to bottom:

Player Info

Displays useful information of your account, as well as the option to change your selected idol, background, name, title and comment. More information available here.


The first menu displays information of your friends, in which the first tab shows your friend list, which you can send messages to your friends and remove friends. The second tab shows your outgoing friend requests while the third tab displays incoming friend requests.

The second menu allows you to search for new friends, either by their nickname or friend ID. It also shows a list of players that have selected your appeal unit in their live stage. Your friend ID is displayed at the top right corner.

The last menu displays all messages from other players.

Idol List

A list of all idols that are currently employed at Nanastar. You can obtain more card spaces 5 at a time by spending 100 7th Coins (up to 500 spaces). You can also select cards to send to the Dorm.

Girls' Dorm

A place where you can store cards that you are not currently using. Your first dorm can store up to 500 spaces, and additional dorms can be purchased with 100 7th Coins each, up to a total of 5 dorms. You can obtain more dorm spaces in the additional dorms 5 at a time by spending 100 7th Coins (up to 500 spaces per dorm). You can also select cards to send to your main idol list.

Idol Album

View information about all of the idols you've collected so far, as well as their cards.


Shop items are divided into four categories:

  • Recovery Items - Full Charisma Donuts (Refills CP)
  • Produce Items - M Cookies, M Cakes, M Sweets, M Gums, M Ice creams
  • Event Items - Varies based on current running event
  • Others - Episode Keys, Additional 5 Card Spaces, Additional 5 Dorm Spaces

You can purchase additional 7th Coins through the green button.


Items are divided into five categories:

  • Recovery Items - Charisma donuts
  • Produce Items - Cookies, Cakes, Sweets, Gums, Ice Creams
  • Tickets - 7th Audition Tickets, Special Audition Tickets
  • Event Items - Varies based on current running event
  • Other Items - Collect Guards, Card Spaces, Dorm Spaces, Episode Keys

Information about items is on the Items page.

7th Points Exchange

7th Points can be collected by drawing selected gachas. It can be used to exchange for the following:

  • Idol Cards & Jersey Coney
  • Produce Items (Large)
  • Others - Coins, Episode Keys, EXP

Live Stage Costumes

Displays all costumes that you purchased from the costume shop.

Live Stage Costume Shop

You can purchase costumes using costume tickets (obtained from rolling using 7th Coins in gachas, as well as from events and campaigns). The first tab shows various costume packages which includes multiple costumes at a discounted price.

Stage Battles

This links directly to the Stage Battles screen.

Recovery Code

This is very important for recovering your account if you get a new device or your account gets unlinked from your game install (e.g. after an OS update). You can link your account to a Google+, Twitter, Facebook or LINE account.

Your linked method and the account associated with it will be displayed at the top. To unlink your account, simply tap on the white button at the bottom.


Provides very basic information on game progression.


Menu 1: Game Settings

  • Player name
  • Text speed (slow/normal/fast)
  • Auto sell cards from Scouting (Silver and below/Bronze/OFF)
  • Auto sell cards from Gacha (Silver and below/Bronze/OFF)
  • Auto sale protection of cards (Lesson Dedicated Cards/OFF) Only turn this off if you wish to auto sell Coneys, which give a lot of EXP for lessons.
  • Auto protection of cards (Gold and above/OFF)
  • Rotation of screen (Auto Rotate/Right side is top/Left side is top)

Menu 2: Sound Settings

  • BGM
  • Sound effects
  • Voices

(Blue button: Reset settings to default)

These settings do not affect the sounds for live stages.

Menu 3: Live Stage Settings

Tab 1 - Basic Settings

  • Speed of Notes (Default: 6)
  • Synchronisation / Auto Sync
  • Displays
  • Character effects / Note effects
  • Sub-division of lane (OFF/Every bar/Every 2 beats/Every beat)
  • Hold Lines
  • Mirror
  • Transparency of Sky Notes

Tab 2 - Background Settings

Dance Mode

  • Background Color
  • Live effects / Background effects
  • Idol above / Lane above This controls whether the idol appears above the lane, or below the lane.

MV Mode/Light Mode

  • Background Color (White/Black)
  • Background Transparency (Song Cover Art > White/Black)
  • Display Color (Light/Dark) This affects the shade of the lane, score display and the health display.
  • Transparency of Lane (Transparent > Opaque)

Tab 3 - Sound Settings

  • BGM
  • Sound effects
  • Hit sounds
  • Voices

(Blue button: Reset settings to default)

  • Sound effect type (Test sound)

Tab 4 - Live Stage Test

You can test a live stage using this option to try out your new live stage settings.

  • Normal Notes
  • Hold Notes
  • Flick Notes
  • Sky Notes

Menu 4: Push Notifications

  • CP Fully Recovered
  • Private lessons
  • Requests for help (All/Friends Only/OFF)
  • Greetings from players
  • Release of new gacha cards

7th Coins Info

You can check information of your 7th Coins in this screen - Purchased 7th Coins remaining, Free 7th Coins remaining

Note: From 14th December 2017 onwards, all your 7th coins (whether purchased or given free) do not have an expiry date.

Game Update Info

Explanation of the latest update in the game mechanics.


Each event usually last a week and can vary in type. As the event is in progress, you can see information on the event through the bulletin board.

Live Stage Event

In these events, your objective is to obtain event points in order to earn various prizes, both from the amount of event points you earned and your overall event point ranking amongst other players. It's possible for a specific song to be relegated as the event's special song, but you will earn the same amount of event points regardless of which song you decide to play.

To participate in a live stage event, go to Live Stage (music note, red button), and on the music select screen, press スペシャル at around the top-right hand corner. Select your partner and confirm your unit, then play the song and pass to earn event points.

Though, as of February 25, 2016, this event has been phased out in favor of...

Try The New Number

Try The New Number is a new type of Live Stage event where you collect tokens to play the designated event song, usually the latest single release. Earning tokens is as simple as playing a selection of target songs based on type, and the selection rotates with each successive play, following the flow of Type vocalist icon.pngType variety icon.pngType model icon.pngType player icon.pngType dancer icon.png and then wrapping back to Type vocalist icon.png.

Much like more recent event types like VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!! and Tokyo 7th Performance Match, you use a dedicated energy system called Try Points to play the target songs needed to earn tokens. You need at least one Try Point (which charges every hour) to play a target song, and you can have up to 6 Try Points at any given time. You can use up to three Try Points in one song for higher gains in both tokens and synchro; keep in mind that increasing the amount of Try Points spent in one song won't boost your event points in any circumstance.

At the end of a song, alongside your results, you'll also get a rundown on how much synchro, event points, and tokens you've earned, alongside any prizes you may have received by reaching certain event point quotas.

Synchro is a gauge that increases as you play the target song or the event song, capping at 300%. The higher you are on the gauge, the higher the amount of damage you'll take when you miss on a live stage (from 1.2x at 100% to 1.5x at 200%). When you reach 300%, you'll enter a phase called Heavens Mode where, in 5 minutes time, event point gains are quadrupled and tokens earned are doubled. This phase can be extended in 10 minute increments with 100 7th Coins.

At the event's halfway point, you'll be able to select 2x and 4x event token use when you play the event song. Combine this with the aforementioned Heavens Mode for large gains!

Raid Event

Raid events are battle events against a designated opponent (or opponents) on a designated zone in Scouting. Your objective in these events is primarily to gain as many event points as possible, and there are rewards for reaching certain amounts of victories as well.

The raid bosses come in three types; normal, rare, and limited boss. Each individual opponent counts the victories separately, and the individual bosses will get stronger as you defeat them.

  • Normal Boss: Two different opponents, battles will last for 2 hours.
  • Rare Boss: Only one type of opponent, battles will last for 2 hours. These bosses are much harder to defeat.
  • Limited Boss: Only one type of opponent, battles will only last for 10 minutes. These bosses are slightly harder to defeat.

To participate in a raid event, open the dedicated event zone via the event page. Advance through the area map using 8 CP until you run into your opponent. As you achieve more victories against the normal bosses, you will be able to scout in the higher level zones where you will encounter higher levelled opponents. Higher level zones also have lesser "empty" event squares, which will allow you to have a guaranteed boss more quickly.

Each boss battle can be initiated without the use of any CP. If you lose a battle against your opponent, you can either attack them again with the amount of CP indicated in your selected unit, or to call your friends and other players for help. They can help weaken or defeat your opponent if they respond to your call. Each time an opponent gets defeated, you will obtain a certain amount of Reward Points (RP) to be used in the Gacha Box. The amount of RP that you will get is based on whether you are the one who encountered the boss, participating points, as well as MVP points (if you have the highest hit points for that boss).

Alternatively, you can also purchase and use High Power Mics (used by pressing the only pink button on the bottom of the battle screen) to quadruple your team's HP and attack for that round. They can be bought in the shop for 100 7th Coins, and a 10+1 bundle is available for 1,000 7th Coins.

You can also respond to help requests by tapping on the pink button next to the event banner on my page, or on the circular button while scouting through your area map. Likewise, it will not cost any CP to attack your friend's opponent for the first time.

After a completing a certain number of area maps, a rare area will appear on the event zone for players to scout at. These rare areas have 8 guaranteed event squares, including a guaranteed rare boss and a guaranteed limited boss. Rare areas in higher level zones have significantly lesser "empty" event squares, which results in spending lesser CP to encounter an opponent.

The event Gacha Box can be opened for 100 RP per roll. You can obtain certain items such as Sunglass Coneys, Jersey Coneys, P Items, S Character Cards, Coins and Seventh Coins. Upon obtaining the GS Sunglass Coney, you will be able to skip rolling the rest by tapping on the orange button in the gacha box page, and move on to the next gacha box.

Event missions can be completed to obtain certain items, including High Power Mics which will help you with higher levelled opponents. These missions include scouting a set number of area maps, defeating a certain boss for a number of items, as well as scouting and winning against a certain boss for a number of times.

VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!

VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!! events are live stage events where you're pitted against another opponent to battle against in a real-time score match. To participate in a VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E battle, tap on the event banner to reach the event screen where you can participate in a battle, check your voltage, and charge up your Holorium, the energy used in these events, among other things.

Participating in a VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E battle requires at least one Holorium (which charges every hour), and you can hold up to six Holorium at a time. The game will select a song at random for you to play, where you can then select your desired difficulty level. You can then select the unit you want to use for that battle and then be matched up with a random opponent. Before you start a match, you can opt to charge more Holorium to gain score boosts, with 2 Holorium granting 1.5x the score boost and 3 Holorium with 2x. Once both players are ready, you will proceed to play the song as usual. During the match, you will not be able to pause the game so be sure to have 3 minutes of your time dedicated to the game!

At the end of a match, you will be given the results of the match, including who won, max combo reached, current voltage, and Holorium used, as well as how many event points you've earned and how much Voltage, your battle rating, you've earned or lost.

During the event, there is a rare possibility that you will be challenged by an in-game rival for your battle, which is an opportunity to score lots of event points if you can defeat them.

Much like Charisma Donuts, Hololumes can be used to replenish Holorium. A Hololume (Mini) recharges 1 orb while a Hololume (HALF) recharges 3 orbs.

A variation of this event dubbed VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!! SP Version will be available from time to time, where instead of a real-time score match with a real player, you battle against a set of in-game rivals to earn i-n-g items. Each in-game rival has a different score multiplier tagged to them, strategise by using an additional Holorium to beat opponents with higher multipliers.

Tokyo 7th Performance Match

At the start of the event, you will have to join one out of the five teams - Vocalist, Variety, Model, Player or Dancer, and then organise a formation of up to nine cards. Cards with attributes that match your selected team will gain a team bonus, which increases your card's ATK points.

You will then select an opponent from a rival team to battle against with; each battle consumes one P-ENERGY, which recovers one every hour up to a maximum of six. There are a total of three stage battles per match, and both teams will select three cards each before each stage battle. You can utilise Spy Coneys which will show you which three cards the opponent will use in the next battle. As with normal stage battles, the rock-paper-scissors format stands and your card will receive a performer bonus, which increases your card's HP points. The system will then determine the winner and the selected cards will not be usable for the following stages in this match. By winning two out of three stages in the match, you will receive more event and team points points.

After each battle, there is a possibility where Point-Up Time will occur where you can yield 150% of the event points for the next 30 minutes. You can use a High Performance Speaker to also double your event points for 10 minutes. By using the High Performance Speaker during Point-Up Time, your event point per match will be boosted to 300%.

If your team is currently in fifth place, your team will receive an Audience Bonus, which will boost your card's ATK points.

The event Gacha Box can be opened for 100 RP per roll. You can obtain certain items such as Sunglass Coneys, Jersey Coneys, High Performance Speakers, P-ENERGY HALF, Spy Coney, P Items, S Character Cards, Coins and Seventh Coins. Upon obtaining the GS Sunglass Coney, you will be able to skip rolling the rest by tapping on the orange button in the gacha box page, and move on to the next gacha box.

Tokyo 7th Live Performance Jack

The 7th Live Jack event are battle events where you pit against opponents from six different teams. At the beginning of the event, you will be greeted with the 2 MCs of the event. You will then have to select one of the six teams - Rose, Sakura, Hi-Heel, Tanpopo, Aozora, and Clover - and one of the six available characters from that team.

The Performance Battle Venue Selection screen is the main screen of the event, where it gives you an overview of the number of Mini Live Venues each team is currently occupying. There are a total of 30 mini venues and the Guerrilla Performance Battle Venue. You can only start a battle in venues indicated with a blue arrow. Winning each battle will yield more fans for that venue, which will determine whether your team will keep or lose the venue at the end of every hour. Venues that are flashing indicates that there is a chance of wining or losing the venue from/to another team. Each round will end at midnight (12AM JST) and the venues of each team are calculated into a total score. The venues are then reset back to their original state and a new round begins.

Each battle costs 60CP to start. Battle teams consisting of characters from your event team will yield extra attack points, and you can also multiply your team's ATK or HP by spending a certain amount of Gold for each battle. If you are not confident of winning against the opponent, you can spend 1000 Gold to change to a new opponent (up to 3 times per battle). Once you are ready, you can either multiply your event points with a Media JACK by pressing the pink button or battle as per normal by pressing the blue button. Media JACKs will regenerate one per hour, or you can refill 3 Media JACKS with 100 7th Coins.

Everyday, at certain time slots*, the Guerrilla Performance Battle Venue will open and all six teams will pit against each other. Each battle costs 100 Guerrilla Points, which can be obtained by battling in the mini venues. You can select the difficulty level, where a higher difficulty will yield more fans for your team at the venue. Your opponent will be one of the MCs for the event. The winning team will be able to secure 2 points for the team's score, for that time slot.

* Guerrilla Performance Venue opens at 8:00~9:00, 12:00~13:00 and 20:00~21:00 (JST) daily.

Event points can be traded for items from the event shop, which includes a G Card for the character that you picked, a random G card of the MC or your team, code items (for i-n-g), Jersey and Sunglass Coneys, Produce Items, 7th Audition tickets, Charisma Donuts, Episode Key, 7th Points, Friend Points and Gold.

At the end of the event, the winning team will have a 7th LIVE JACK ticket to be used in a special gacha, which will run for a week after the event ends. You are also ranked from S to F according to your percentile of each character. The higher event points that you acquired, the higher the percentile that you will be in, thus the better the rewards.

7th Live Festa!!

The 7th Live Festa!! is a type of Live Stage event where two new difficulty levels of three existing songs are added for the duration of the event. The songs that are tagged under the difficulties LEGEND or ANOTHER can be played without the consumption of Charisma Points for the first attempt daily. Thereafter, each play will cost 70 CP and 50 CP respectively.

Songs under the LEGEND difficulty are generally much harder than the Expert difficulty of the song, whereas the ANOTHER difficulty introduces a unique variation and play-style of the songs, such as different speeds of the play lanes in the song.

Playing any song in the Live Stage, whether if it is from the default or the limited song list, will yield Event Points. You can also increase the usage of CP per song up to 5x to receive more Event Points and other rewards per play. The multiplier will, however, not multiply the clear count and intimacy of the cards.

Rewards will be given according to your tier level of your Event Points, as well as the individual high scores of the three songs in the two limited difficulty levels. To increase your high score, you can use the pre-determined characters that have a score multiplier into your unit.

FES Missions are also added into the missions list where Charisma Donuts will be given by clearing the song of each difficulty once.