Katsuragi Kazumi

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Profile kazumi.png
Original name 桂木カヅミ
Age 18
Birthday August 2 (Leo)
Blood type B
Height 166 cm
Weight 47 kg
Three sizes B88/W53/H77
Voiced by Unknown
Nickname Kazumi
Talent French poetry
Likes The curtains in the library
Status High school student, library committee member
A quiet girl who likes poetry anthologies and books about philosophy. At a glance she seems like a plain girl who doesn't stand out in class, but when she takes off her glasses and gets dressed up, she unleashes a charm strong enough to make everyone's heads turn.


Bronze (Summer Uniform)

Kazumi b summer.jpgKazumi bs summer.jpg
Type model icon.png Type model icon.png
Summer Uniform Yellow Outfit
CP 4 CP 9
HP 420→??? HP 590→???
ATK 253→??? ATK 356→???
Skill My Glasses are Slipping... Skill Poetry Recital
Effect Decreases opponent unit ATK Effect Decreases opponent unit ATK
L. Skill None L. Skill Fan Call
Effect N/A Effect Weakens opponent skills
Quote I'm Katsuragi Kazumi, 18 years old. I don't know anything aside from books, but I'll do my best. Quote "You cannot judge someone until you have spent time with them." I'll start by singing without reserve, Manager.
Kazumi bv summer.jpgNo card.png
Type variety icon.png N/A
Summer Uniform N/A
CP ??? CP N/A
Max HP ??? Max HP N/A
Max ATK ??? Max ATK N/A
Skill Poetry Recital Skill N/A
Effect Decreases opponent unit ATK Effect N/A
L. Skill VS Make-Up L. Skill N/A
Effect Decreases opponent Type model icon.png ATK Effect N/A
Quote ??? Quote N/A