Kyouko U. Uesugi

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Profile kyouko.png
Original name 上杉・ウエバス・キョーコ
Age 16
Birthday August 14 (Leo)
Blood type B
Height 146 cm
Weight 43 kg
Three sizes B89/W55/H88
Voiced by Unknown
Nickname Kyouko
Talent "Do you even have one yourself?"
Likes "Horror films... I hate them!"
Status High school student
A girl who seems to be of mixed blood, since she doesn't look Japanese at all. She seems to have the confidence to promote herself, but when people look at her intently she gets shy and embarrassed. She likes horror films, but thinks they're too scary to watch alone...?


Bronze (Casual Clothes)

Kyouko b casual.jpgKyouko bs casual.jpg
Type vocalist icon.png Type vocalist icon.png
Casual Clothes Stage Outfit
CP 4 CP 9
HP 512→??? HP 720→???
ATK 164→??? ATK 231→???
Skill Huh? Who're You? Skill You Heard My Song!?
Effect Self-heal Effect Self-heal when under 50% HP
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote I'm Kyouko. My surname? Why do I have to tell you that!? Hmph. Quote Huh? O-Of course not... There's no way I'd be nervous! So quiet down already!
Kyouko bm casual.jpgNo card.png
Type model icon.png N/A
Stage Outfit N/A
CP ??? CP N/A
Max HP ??? Max HP N/A
Max ATK ??? Max ATK N/A
Skill ??? Skill N/A
Effect ??? Effect N/A
L. Skill ??? L. Skill N/A
Effect ??? Effect N/A
Quote ??? Quote N/A

Silver (Date Clothes)

Kyouko s date.jpgKyouko ss date.jpg
Type vocalist icon.png Type vocalist icon.png
Date Clothes ???
CP 6 CP ???
HP 768→??? HP ???
ATK 247→??? ATK ???
Skill Displeased Girl Skill ???
Effect Self-heal Effect ???
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote I-It's not like I came early to wait for you or anything! The train just... went faster on its own!! Quote ???
Kyouko sm date.jpgKyouko sd date.jpg
Type model icon.png Type dancer icon.png
??? ???
CP ??? CP ???
Max HP ??? Max HP ???
Max ATK ??? Max ATK ???
Skill ??? Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
L. Skill ??? L. Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
Quote ??? Quote ???


Item Produce: "I'm only taking this because I have no choice. I-It's not like I want to or anything. Okay?"

Intimacy Events