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Tokyo 7th Sisters is a fully voiced rhythm + idol raising simulation game developed by Donuts, released in February 2014 for iOS only (with plans to release on Android later this year).

In the year 2032, the legendary idol unit "7th Sisters" suddenly retired from the industry and disappeared. That was the end of the idol industry... until two years later, when a young glory-seeking girl is appointed to be the leader of Tokyo's next generation idol studio, "777 (Three Seven)", commonly referred to as Nanasuta. However, the city continues to believe that idols are a thing of the past, and Nanasuta is no exception. Their slump continues, but one day a mysterious and beautiful female manager approaches you and says, "If the idols of the past are gone, we'll just have to make new idols! True "sisters" linked by powerful bonds!" The story of the idols of the future, the Nanasuta Sisters, will now unfold.

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October 29, 2014NEW

  • Game has been revamped. Detailed changes to come soon.
  • Progress on this wiki will resume (sort of) on A-zu-ra's behalf. He will handle future updates whenever possible until an Android version becomes available and if Shini-tan regains interest in the game.

April 25, 2014

  • Android release has been delayed to autumn this year.
  • The next unit is called NI+CORA and consists of Musubi and Susu.
    • Their debut single will be called Omoi Approach.
  • Progress on this wiki will be more or less halted until the Android release, because I haven't been finding the time to keep up with event progress. Android is my primary platform so I will probably resume wiki updates when the game is released there. However, I will still be reading news so if you have any questions feel free to contact me on Twitter or IRC and I will be able to answer them!

April 4, 2014

  • The PRIZM♪RIZM First Recording Challenge event runs from April 4 to April 18!
    • Play the solo stage PRIZM♪RIZM as many times as you like! You will receive a solo stage ticket after every clear!
    • Prizes will be awarded based on your total cumulative score.

April 4, 2014

  • New 100k users campaign! See campaign section below for details.
  • The next Nanasuta unit is SiSH! (She is so high)
    • Consists of Sui, Sumire, and Shizuka
    • Their debut single AOZORA TRAIN will be released in-game soon!

March 28, 2014

  • Episode 9 (Susu) has been added.
  • The Operation MCU event runs from March 28 to April 11!
    • Traverse the special event zone and battle Momoka to raise her motivation gauge.
    • As you battle her, her level will increase - request help from your friends to win against her!
    • Rewards will depend on Momoka's motivation level at the end of the event.
  • The song PRIZM♪RIZM by WITCH NUMBER 4 has been added to Solo Stage!

For older news updates, see News


100,000 Users Campaign: April 4 - April 18

  1. Receive up to 8 Audition Tickets from login bonuses!
  2. Receive up to 100,000 G from login bonuses!
  3. Red, Green, and even Rainbow Jersey Coneys will appear in the Nanasuta Scout Caravan!

Wiki updates

  • Work priority is as follows: Gameplay > FAQ > Items > Cards > Pictures > Story translation
    • Please note that this is a new game and it will take me a while to figure everything out and get it on here. As always, if you have questions you can go to our IRC channel #fang-tan on Rizon, or send me a tweet (@shininyan).
  • Gameplay has been fleshed out. Won't be able to add much more until progressing farther in the game.
  • Items are mostly done. Just have to finish the collect sets and add pictures.
    • All images have been added. Won't be able to update the collect set names/locations/etc until I actually reach those zones.
  • Working on cards...
  • Progress is slowly but surely being made :v

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