Nanasaki Nicole

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Profile nicole.png
Original name 七咲ニコル
Age 17 (in 2032)
Birthday July 7 (Cancer)
Blood type O
Height 159 cm
Weight 44 kg
Three sizes B84/W55/H77
Voiced by Minase Inori
Nickname Nico
Talent Dreaming freely
Likes Friends, donuts
Status 7th Sisters member
A perfect idol and the nonsensical leader of the legendary 7th Sisters. Sometimes kind, sometimes stubborn, and always gives her all, even for strange things. Because of this, she garnered attention from all over the world. It's been two years after the sudden disbanding of the group, and to this day, no one knows what happened to her.



Solo Stage Start: "Wanna hear Nanasaki Nicole's mesmerizing solo?"

Solo Stage C Rank: "*cough cough*! I guess there was a fish bone stuck in my throat. I'll aim for perfection next time!"

Solo Stage B Rank: "I'm Nicole, Nanasaki Nicole! 7th's leader is in tip-top shape today!"

Intimacy Events

50 Intimacy: "Hello hello to all of you 7th fans! Nanasaki Nicole's got a message for y'all! I'm so happy to have such spirited fans like you guys! It's your love that keeps us idols afloat, ya know? So we'll be counting on ya! We're always thinking of ya! Let's bring up the excitement in here together!"