Nishizono Honoka

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Profile honoka.png
Original name 西園ホノカ
Age 17
Birthday May 28 (Gemini)
Blood type O
Height 162 cm
Weight 48 kg
Three sizes B83/W56/H85
Voiced by Unknown
Nickname Honoka
Talent Sleeping in
Likes Pork ramen
Status High school student, tea ceremony club member
A cute and always-smiling girl from a rich family. She comes from an affluent family, but she doesn't act refined at all. She also seems to be embarrassed of her Hakata dialect, so she doesn't get along or converse well with others. What warms her heart most is being at a live performance.



Summer Uniform

Honoka b summer.jpg Honoka bs summer.jpg Honoka bm summer.jpg
Type dancer icon.png Summer Uniform Type dancer icon.png Flower Dress Type model icon.png Flower Dress
Cost: 4 HP: ATK: Cost: HP: ATK: Cost: HP: ATK:

Active Skill: Heartwarming Girl with Lots to Say

Active Skill: Flower Pixie
Self-heal when under 50% HP

Active Skill:

Leader Skill: None

Leader Skill: Fan Call
Weakens opponent skills

Leader Skill:

Live Stage Skill: Score Up Lv.1
55% chance of raising your score by 195.

Live Stage Skill: Score Up Lv.2
55% chance of raising your score by 214.

Live Stage Skill:

Live Leader Skill: Dance Support
Raises the ATK of Dancer-type cards by 1%.

Live Leader Skill: Dance Support+
Raises the ATK of Dancer-type cards by 2%.

Live Leader Skill:

Ma name's... I mean, my name is Nishizono Honoka. Hehe... My accent isn't too weird, right?

Hehe... The scent of flowers is radiating from my body. Come and smell it, Manager. See?


Date Clothes

Honoka s date.jpgHonoka ss date.jpg
Type dancer icon.png Type dancer icon.png
Date Clothes ???
CP 7 CP ???
HP 728→??? HP ???
ATK 448→??? ATK ???
Skill Long Time No See, Eh? Skill ???
Effect Self-heal Effect ???
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote H-How's it? I tried ta be stylish for ya, Manager... What d'ya think? Quote ???
Honoka sm date.jpgHonoka sv date.jpg
Type model icon.png Type variety icon.png
??? ???
CP ??? CP ???
Max HP ??? Max HP ???
Max ATK ??? Max ATK ???
Skill ??? Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
L. Skill ??? L. Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
Quote ??? Quote ???

Horror Costume


Returning in Rainy Season


Tea Ceremony Club