Nonohara Hime

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Profile hime.png
Original name 野ノ原ヒメ
Age 16
Birthday August 8 (Leo)
Blood type O
Height 152 cm
Weight 40 kg
Three sizes B77/W55/H78
Voiced by Nakajima Yui
Nickname Nonohime
Talent Eating lunch early, delivery
Likes Her younger brother and sister, evening river scenery
Status High school student
A daughter of the family business "Nonohara Tofu Shop". Her mother died when she was little, and now she lives with her father, younger sister, and younger brother. She inherited her blonde hair and blue eyes from her late mother. Despite her sweet and delicate outer appearance, she doesn't find herself cute at all.


Hime b summer.jpgHime bs summer.jpg
Type player icon.png Type player icon.png
Summer Uniform Devil Make-Up
CP 4 CP 8
HP 448→??? HP 560→???
ATK 221→??? ATK 277→???
Skill What's This City Girl Saying!? Skill Crisp and Sharp!!
Effect Raises ATK of this card Effect Raises unit ATK
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote Yo, Manager! I'm Nonohara Tofu's poster girl, Nonohara Hime! Nice to meet ya! Quote D-Don't I look totally wild? Y-You think it's cute...? Liar!
Hime bd summer.jpgNo card.png
Type dancer icon.png N/A
Devil Make-Up N/A
CP ??? CP N/A
Max HP ??? Max HP N/A
Max ATK ??? Max ATK N/A
Skill ??? Skill N/A
Effect ??? Effect N/A
L. Skill ??? L. Skill N/A
Effect ??? Effect N/A
Quote ??? Quote N/A


Menu Quotes 支配人、ちゃんとメシ食ってるか?豆腐も忘れずになっ! Hey Manager, have you properly eaten your food yet? Don't forget about the tofu, too!

みんな、腹減ってないか?まかないぐらい、用意するぜ! Hey, are you guys hungry? I can prepare you a bite or two!

支配人、タイクツなら腕相撲でもするか?女だからって甘く見るなよ! Manager, if you're bored, wanna arm wrestle? Don't underestimate me just because I'm a girl!

Battle Leader: "Idiot, I'm your opponent. Come at me!"

Solo Stage Start: "I won't lose in a one-on-one showdown!"

Solo Stage A/B Rank: "How's this!? This is my true ability! Don't look down on rural idols!"

Solo Stage C/D Rank: "Damn... I let down my guard...! Again, again!"

Intimacy Events

50 Intimacy: "H-Hey, Manager. I've got a break from my family today. Sorry for callin' ya out so suddenly. It's been a while since we've been alone together, eh? Let me take you somewhere on my bike. Huh? Anywhere's fine for me. Yeah. I don't really have anything in mind... not really hoping for anything. Ahh, damn it! You're so dense! I told you anywhere is fine! A-As long as I'm with you..."