Operation MCU

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Original Name: MCU大作戦

Event Period: March 28 - April 11 @ 7 AM JST (Extended!)


  • MCU stands for "Momoka Cheer Up".
  • The goal is to raise Momoka's motivation level as much as possible.
  • Scout out the special event map and battle Momoka there for event points.
    • As you win against Momoka, her level will increase and she will become more difficult to beat. If you find that she is too difficult for you, request help from your friends!
    • If you have push notifications turned on, you will receive notifications when your friends request help from you.
  • When you have enough points, you will receive the rewards for that level and unlock the next level.


Tier Rewards
250 Wins 1x G Serizawa Momoka (Masterpiece Film)
150 Wins 1x G Serizawa Momoka (Masterpiece Film)
Motivation Lv 13 1x G Serizawa Momoka (Masterpiece Film)
Motivation Lv 12 3x Audition Ticket
Motivation Lv 11 2x G Rokusaki Coney (Rainbow Jersey)
Motivation Lv 10 1x G Serizawa Momoka (Masterpiece Film)
50,000 G
Motivation Lv 9 1x G Rokusaki Coney (Rainbow Jersey)
20,000 G
Motivation Lv 8 1x S Rokusaki Coney (Green Jersey)
1x Audition Ticket
10,000 G
Motivation Lv 7 1x Audition Ticket
5,000 G
Motivation Lv 6 3x Stamina Drink
3x Charisma Donut
4,000 G
Motivation Lv 5 1x B Rokusaki Coney (Red Jersey)
1x Stamina Drink
1x Charisma Donut
3,000 G
Motivation Lv 4 1x Charisma Donut
2,000 G
Motivation Lv 3 1x Stamina Drinkbr />1,500 G
Motivation Lv 2 1x Stamina Drink (Half)
1x Charisma Donut (Half)
1,000 G



Momoka: Hey, it's me, Momoka...
Coney: Ooh, you're early today, Momoka! What could this mean...?
Momoka: Well... actually... I'm thinking I shouldn't be an idol after all...
Coney: I see, so that's it. Wait...
Coney: What!?
Coney: You walk in with a sleepy face, and the first thing you say in the morning is that!?
You: Coney, this is serious. Well, everything else is serious too, but...
Coney: A-Anyway! I don't mind your usual moodiness, but you're performing on stage tomorrow with the other WITCH NUMBER 4 members, so... just to be safe...
Coney: Manager! Today's top priority is to cheer up Momoka!
Coney: I call it "All Together! Operation MCU" ☆!
You: Fine, but can't you explain it before giving it a name!?

Level 1

Coney: All right, you're up first, Manager! Do your best to cheer up Momoka!
You: This is so sudden... Hmm, what should I do...
Coney: What are you confused about!? Just do some party tricks!
You: Huh? Party tricks?
Coney: Yep. Don't you know how to do any imitations?
You: ...I can act like a chicken... maybe...
Coney: Sounds great! I wanna see! Do it, do it!
You: S... S... Squaaawk! S-S-S-Squaaaaawk!
Coney: ...
You: G-Gulp...
Coney: What?
You: Huh?
You: N-No, no, no!!! What's with that reaction!?
You: I totally bombed it, right? Right!?
Coney: Umm, well, it was a sight to see?
You: This doesn't have anything to do with Momoka to begin with! I'm just being bullied!

Level 2

Coney: Setting aside Manager's party trick, next up is...
Shizuka: Good morning, everyone.
Coney: Oh, perfect timing, Lady Shizuka! We're trying to cheer up Momoka, so why don't you strip down!?
Shizuka: Huh? You want me to... take off my clothes?
Coney: Yes yes, that's it... Huh? Lady Shizuka, are you in a phone call?
Shizuka: "...Yes, yes, that's right. Oosugi... as you like."
Coney: If I recall correctly, Oosugi is her butler's name...
Shizuka: Yes, indeed. Right now he is making reservations at Kanoraen.
Coney: ...Hmm, that's certainly something Lady Shizuka would think of... But I think it would just make Momoka even lazier...
Coney: A-Anyway, that's not gonna work! Who's up next!?

Level 3

Coney: Who will be the next to try to restore her motivation...!?
Hime: Heya, mornin' everyone!
Coney: Nonohime-sama! You've cheered Momoka up before, haven't you!
Hime: Yeah. What's up with her?
Coney: Looks like she's still suffering from Momoka Disease. Can we count on you again, Nonohime-chan...?
Hime: Okay! This time I'll write a play called "The Great Edo Momoka Heist: One Night Hospitality"! Leave it to me!
Coney: Huh? That's definitely not what I...
Hime: Hehe! Don't feel bad! You see... I... really don't mind writing scripts!
Coney: Um... N-Nonohime-chan?
Hime: All right! I'm heading back home to start writing! I'll be back in three days! See ya!
Coney: ...Let's see who's next...

Level 4

Coney: I forgot that all of the girls here are kind of weird... I wonder who's influencing them...
Musubi: Don't you think it might be the fault of you two?
Coney: Musubi-chan! The most reliable girl of all is still here!
Musubi: So what's going on today? I heard it was something about Momoka...
Coney: You see... such and such happened...
Musubi: Hmm... I think it'll be rough on her if she has to perform even though she doesn't want to.
Coney: Yes... that's true...
Musubi: Isn't it Manager's fault for being too soft!?
Musubi: Just the other day with Sumire...
You: N-No! That was a misunderstanding...
Musubi: Huh? What was that?
You: No, it was nothing...
Coney: Musubi-chan's in a bad mood, so let's move on!