Orikasa Ayumu

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Profile ayumu.png
Original name 折笠アユム
Age 15
Birthday November 29 (Sagittarius)
Blood type O
Height 154 cm
Weight 42 kg
Three sizes B80/W56/H77
Voiced by Unknown
Nickname Ayumu
Talent Internet surfing
Likes Rainbow colours, cosplay, maids
Status High school student, works part-time
An energetic girl who works part-time at a maid cafe. Her friends treat her as a bundle of mystery. The number of fans who have fallen hopelessly in love with her killer "tongue out, double peace" pose are as many as there are stars in the sky.



Solo Stage Start: "Ayu's here with love!"

Solo Stage D/C Rank: "I have to be more poe, right~? Okay, next time I'll be more into it!"

Solo Stage B/A Rank: "Nyahaha~ Have you fallen for me~?"

Solo Stage S Rank: "That was really exciting! Thank you, Master! ♪"

Intimacy Events

50 Intimacy: "Master~! Ayu&Peace! I've been having a lot more fun since joining Nanasuta~♪ But you know, what's really strange is when I'm with you, Master~! For some reason I feel so poe around you~! Do you use the word poe too, Master? You'll have to get into it eventually, you know~☆ My poepoe maid power is at stake here~♪"