Sakaiya Yumeno

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Profile yumeno.png
Original name 堺屋ユメノ
Age 18
Birthday January 29 (Aquarius)
Blood type O
Height 163 cm
Weight 52 kg
Three sizes B92/W59/H89
Voiced by Unknown
Nickname Yumeno
Talent Doujin activities
Likes Girls, drawing manga
Status High school student, Manga Association member
A beautiful and energetic girl, who is totally an old man on the inside because she absolutely loves cute girls. One theory says that she became an idol so that she could be surrounded by them...


Bronze (Fall Uniform)

Yumeno b fall.jpgYumeno bs fall.jpg
Type player icon.png Type player icon.png
Fall Uniform Metal Style
CP 7 CP 8
HP 630→1781 HP 819→2339
ATK 300→849 ATK 390→1151
Skill So Many Cute Girls♥ Skill So Cute... Teehee
Effect Self-heal after opponent attack Effect Self-heal after opponent attack
L. Skill None L. Skill Surround
Effect N/A Effect Enhances the effect of skills
Quote I'm Sakaiya Yumeno-- now that that's out of the way, where are the cute girls!? Quote Beautiful girls as far as the eye can see - what a feast! Being a girl is great because it means I'm allowed to touch them!
Yumeno bv fall.jpgNo card.png
Type variety icon.png N/A
Metal Style N/A
Max HP 2105 Max HP N/A
Max ATK 1003 Max ATK N/A
Skill So Cute... Teehee Skill N/A
Effect Self-heal after opponent attack Effect N/A
L. Skill Talk L. Skill N/A
Effect Raises the attack of vocalist cards Effect N/A
Quote ??? Quote N/A

Silver (Post-Event)

Yumeno s event.jpgYumeno ss event.jpg
Type player icon.png Type player icon.png
Post-Event ???
CP 7 CP ???
HP 791→??? HP ???
ATK 395→??? ATK ???
Skill Uhehehe... Skill ???
Effect Self-heal after opponent attack Effect ???
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote Teehee, the new releases this time are so lewd... Manager!? Where'd you come from!? Quote ???
Yumeno sv event.jpgYumeno sd event.jpg
Type variety icon.png Type dancer icon.png
??? ???
CP ??? CP ???
Max HP ??? Max HP ???
Max ATK ??? Max ATK ???
Skill ??? Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
L. Skill ??? L. Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
Quote ??? Quote ???