Sgt. Coney's Emergency Boot Camp

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  • Event Name: コニー軍曹の緊急ブートキャンプ
  • Event Name (Romaji): Coney-gunsou no kinkyuu Boot Camp
  • Event Name (English): Sgt. Coney's Emergency Boot Camp
  • Event Period: November 6, 2014 - November 13, 2014 maintenance
  • Event Type: Raid Event (Cooperative)

Event Intro


Hey, guys! How's the producing goin' along!?
What's this...the idol's lessons aren't moving on that well...? Hmm, looks like you don't have that many produce items...
Alright! In that case, I'll have to step in!

(explanation of Raid Event)

I'll be waiting at a designated scouting area, so come along and challenge me!
There's more, too! The rewards for this campaign will change on November 13 based on everyone's combined total of victories! This means that working together is a must!

Well then, give it all you got and let's go!

How to Participate

Go to Scout (pair of footprints, green button), and on the right hand side, press the event button (microphone with shines around it), where you'll be taken to a dedicated event area. Proceed to scout as normal until you run into your opponent (for this event, Tracksuit Coneys). When you encounter your opponent, you will have an hour to defeat them to count as a victory.

As you gain more victories, your opponent will level up and become stronger; if you lose a battle against your opponent, you will have the option to call your friends for help (press the third button at the bottom of the results screen after a loss). Your friends can help weaken or defeat your opponent if they respond to your call; as you call for help, you will also start off a chain that boosts attack power for your friends if they respond within 10 minutes of initiating the call. In order to respond to calls from other friends or to continue your current battle, press the BOSS button on the top-left hand corner of the My Page screen or the red button on the right edge of the scouting screen (red button with an exclamation point and shines around it).

Alternatively, you can also purchase and use High Power Mics (used by pressing the only pink button on the bottom of the battle screen) to quadruple your team's HP and attack for that round. They can be bought in the shop for 100 7th Coins.

Since this is a cooperative event, your victories will contribute to an overall pool of victories throughout every player of this game. The higher the victory count of all players combined, the better the resulting reward.

Raid Event Rewards

The event will provide you with the following rewards from victories against Jersey Coney, from most common to least:

  • Friend Points (around 2-20 per victory)
  • Various Produce Items
  • Red Tracksuit Coney
  • Green Tracksuit Coney

Cooperative Rewards

Total wins achieved Reward (effect)
100,000 wins 1.5x Gold in scouting
300,000 wins 2x Gold in scouting
500,000 wins 2.5x Gold in scouting
700,000 wins 3x Gold in scouting
1,000,000 wins 3x Gold in scouting
2x Fever Icon appearance rate

Wins are cumulative of all players participating in this event. Effects will take hold after the event ends.