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  • Event Name: Sisters VS Sisters
  • Event Period: November 27, 2014 - December 8, 2014 3PM JST
  • Event Type: Live Stage Event
  • Event Song: B.A.A.B.
  • Main Event Prize: G Harumi Kajika (Taikutsu Ribbon Jacket)

Event Intro

A limited time event! KARAKURI's new hit, "B.A.A.B." is now available in Special Stage!

Keep on playing Live Stages to earn Event Points!


When you clear Live Stages, you'll obtain Event Points!
If you can get a high score rank and combo rank, the amount of points you can get will increase!
Your main prize is this! You should aim to earn 55,000pts. first!

You will earn a G Harumi Kajika when you reach 55,000 Event Points!

Rank in the top 2000 to get one more, and rank in the top 500 to get two instead!

Reach 4,000 and 30,000 Event Points for S Harumi Shinju as well!


You can play this new song, "B.A.A.B.," in the Special Stage section!
There are no level restrictions during this event! Play to your heart's content!

(The song will be added to the normal tracklist after the event ends. Any rewards earned while it's in Special Stage will be transferred over.)

How to Participate

Go to Live Stage (music note, red button), and on the music select screen, press スペシャル at around the top-right hand corner. Select your partner and confirm your unit, then play the song to earn event points. As noted by the event intro, higher score ranks and combo ranks lead to higher event points.

You can also get a Half Charisma Donut a day by posting on Twitter. Go to the 4th tab on the event page and post on Twitter to get your donut. You can only do this once per day, and the content you tweet doesn't necessarily have to be what the game provides you.

Event Song Note Breakdown


Event Point Rewards

Quota Reward
50 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
100 pts 2000 Gold
200 pts 200 Friend Points
500 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
1000 pts 1x Charisma Donut (Half)
1500 pts 4000 Gold
2000 pts 400 Friend Points
3000 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
4000 pts S Harumi Shinju (Going Out)
5000 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
6000 pts 6000 Gold
8000 pts 600 Friend Points
10000 pts 1x Green Jersey Coney
12500 pts 1x Charisma Donut (Half)
15000 pts 8000 Gold
17500 pts 800 Friend Points
20000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
22500 pts 10000 Gold
25000 pts 1000 Friend Points
27500 pts 1x Red Jersey Coney
30000 pts S Harumi Shinju (Going Out)
32500 pts 25000 Gold
35000 pts 2000 Friend Points
40000 pts 1x Green Jersey Coney
45000 pts 50000 Gold
50000 pts 1x Charisma Donut (Half)
55000 pts G Harumi Kajika (Taikutsu Ribbon Jacket)
70000 pts 1x Charisma Donut (Half)
80000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
90000 pts 25000 Gold
100000 pts 2000 Friend Points
120000 pts 1x Rainbow Jersey Coney
140000 pts 50000 Gold
160000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
180000 pts 50000 Gold
200000 pts 1x Charisma Donut
225000 pts 50000 Gold
250000 pts 1x 7th Audition Ticket
275000 pts 50000 Gold
300000 pts 1x Charisma Donut
500000 pts 1x Rainbow Jersey Coney

Event Point Ranking Rewards

G Harumi Kajika
(Taikutsu Ribbon Jacket)
Jersey Coney Audition Tickets P Cookies
(EX size)
Charisma Donut (Half) Friend Points
1st - 100th ●● ◆◆◆ ●●● ●● × ×
101st - 250th ●● ●● ●● × ×
251st - 500th ●● × ×
501st - 1000th ●● × × ×
1001st - 2000th × × ×
2001st - 5000th × × ×
5001st - 12500th × × ×
12501st - 25000th × × × 2000

● = one unit / = Rainbow Jersey / = Green Jersey / = Red Jersey