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This is a live document of different parts of the wiki that could use some work. Items on this page are not in any particular priority; feel free to tackle these as you see fit.
If you finish any one of these tasks, feel free to also cross them out to indicate that they're done.

  • Main Page
  • Story
    • This section could use some revitalization: episodes are divided into different chunks (x.0 for main cast, x.5 for supporting cast). Requirements may also need adjusting based on the ver. 5.0.0 update.
      • To clarify, the main story section only covers what is now considered the Episode 1.0 and 1.5 sections. There is now additional Episode 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 content available that is not covered.
    • Translations can be done on your own or sourced from somewhere else. One possible source for story translations is Tokyo 7th Subs (only for 1.0 and some of 1.5).
      • There also needs to be a uniform way to present the translations; Shini-tan used to use tables whereas I (A-zu-ra) used to use paragraph breaks (emphasis on paragraph breaks). Line breaks, alongside a chapter summary at the beginning, sound like a good idea.
  • Active Notices
    • This was originally a detailed translation of all of the different notices in the game, but has been succeeded by the summarized details on the main page. May consider scrapping.
  • Past events
    • Way too much backlog has accumulated over the past 2 and a half years. If you so desire to tackle this section with your own bare hands, good luck and godspeed.
      • You may need to source any information on the missing events from other wikis, some which are listed on the main page of this wiki.
    • Making the event pages for all of the missing events is also quite the feat in itself. If you so desire to tackle this section with your own bare hands...you get the gist.
      • Maybe this could be made easier through templates? Someone will need to create them, however.
  • Live Stage Scoring
    • If anyone is willing to do the R&D for the ver. 5.0.0 update's live stage scoring mechanics, feel free to make edits to this page.
  • Songs
    • All songs are available by default now, so the level requirement column is no longer needed. This can be turned into an Expert difficulty column.
    • All song difficulties need to be adjusted based on their new ratings on the ver. 5.0.0 update.
  • Song pages (like this one)
    • How to Obtain no longer necessary since all songs are available by default.
    • Info section can be further expanded upon using information from the official website (translation necessary)
    • Difficulty sections can be simplified to a table due to consistencies in rewards and CP usage.
      • Since rewards are consistent among all difficulties, maybe move rewards to its own section somewhere?
    • Sub-Unit Note Distribution section no longer necessary due to the ver. 5.0.0 update. These can be removed from pages that still have them.
    • Lyrics section no longer needs to be separated by sub-unit due to the ver. 5.0.0. update.
      • Additionally, lyrics section is still in need of English translations. One possible source for lyrics translations is Tokyo 7th Subs on Twitter (only for a select few songs).
    • The wiki just needs more song pages in general (only 16 out of the 44 songs have pages).
      • Would templates suffice for song pages? Someone will need to create them, however.
  • Cards
    • Unfortunately, due to recent security developments on the game, maintaining this section has become painstakingly difficult, if not downright impossible. If you so desire to tackle this section with your own bare hands, DON'T GO CRAZY.