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You have been chosen as the second producer of Studio 777 (Three Seven). Your overly enthusiastic new manager, Rokusaki Coney, sends you out to the city to scout for idol candidates...

(Since your name is customizable, lines spoken by the protagonist will be prefixed with "You".)


Title Featured Idol Unlock Conditions
Prologue N/A Game start

Episode 1: Knocking on Seventh Door

A 16-year-old girl named Kasukabe Haru visits the office to apply for a part-time cleaning job. You and Coney sense that she has potential due to her exceptionally bright smile, and immediately attempt to recruit her as a Nanasuta idol. However, she responds by shouting out, "I hate idols!"

Featured Idol: Kasukabe Haru

Chapter 1: I Hate Idols!
Chapter 2: I'll Make it Nice and Sparkly!
Chapter 3: Memories That Ran Away
Chapter 4: Goodbye, Nanasuta
Chapter 5: I Love Idols!

Episode 2: School of Idols

You and Coney have finished scouting out the 7th block of Tokyo7th. You decide to visit the prestigious St. Corsica Academy next, because they have clubs with activities resembling traditional idol activities. Coney approaches several girls outside the school gate, but the student council president, Tendouji Musubi arrives to reprimand you, shouting "What do you two suspicious people think you're doing!?"

Featured Idol: Tendouji Musubi

Chapter 1: A Perfect Girl Appears!?
Chapter 2: Musubi's Secret
Chapter 3: Impregnable! The Traditional Idol Club!
Chapter 4: The Real...
Chapter 5: Everyone's Idol

Episode 3: All About My Idol

Nanasuta heads to the mall, because Coney wants to try the special donuts at her favourite donut shop, Vivado. Her eyes light up when she sees the clumsy and easily flustered waitress, Tsunomori Rona. She triumphantly goes to recruit her, but instead Rona herself shouts, "Please turn me into an idol!" Chaos ensues as this has never happened before...

Featured Idol: Tsunomori Rona

Chapter 1: Please Turn Me into an Idol!
Chapter 2: An Admirable Idol
Chapter 3: Rona's Determination
Chapter 4: The Way Back Home
Chapter 5: All About My Idol

Episode 4: Princess Shitamachi

Featured Idol: Nonohara Hime

Chapter 1: Hey! I'm a Tofu Shop Girl!
Chapter 2: And Don't You Come Back, You Morons!
Chapter 3: Could I Really Be Cute?
Chapter 4: Everyone's Feelings
Chapter 5: Being Cute is Hard!

Episode 5: Momoka, Go Home!

Featured Idol: Serizawa Momoka

Chapter 1: Too Much Effort, I Don't Wanna!
Chapter 2: I Quit Being An Idol!
Chapter 3: Dismissed, Dismissed!
Chapter 4: Can I Leave In 3 Seconds?
Chapter 5: Please! Pleeease!

Episode 6: Gal Likes It Hot

Featured Idol: Usuta Sumire

Chapter 1: A Lion's Tribulation
Chapter 2: For One? For Two?
Chapter 3: Sumire's Specialty
Chapter 4: Smiles
Chapter 5: What Shines the Most

Episode 7: My Prince Forever

Featured Idol: Kamishiro Sui

Chapter 1: I'm A Prince Now?
Chapter 2: A Boy's Pride
Chapter 3: Sui's Secret
Chapter 4: The Real Prince
Chapter 5: And She Will