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The style guide is a guideline for the sake of keeping things uniform and consistent here on the T7S wiki. Here, you'll see how things should be edited, how to make use of the templates provided, and also what naming conventions to follow when uploading files to the wiki. This style guide may be updated and changed at any time, so be sure to check on it once in a while just in case.

This style guide is currently a work in progress. More will be added as A-zu-ra gets the time to append it.

Front Page

The front page of this wiki consists of the description and synopsis of the game, the current events and campaigns section, news containing game updates and such, and wiki updates. Of these elements, the description and synopsis should remain unchanged.

Current Events and Campaigns

The Current Events and Campaigns section is located below the synopsis and consists of the banners for whichever events, campaigns, and notices are currently underway in the game. The banners should be in the order in which they appear in the game when you first open up the My Page menu, and almost all banner images can be obtained through the Tokyo 7th Sisters official Twitter account, t7s_staff

The section consists of a layered wikitable with side titles. A new template will be created once A-zu-ra figures out the patterns for the new table format.

Be sure to update the "last updated" part of this section when you update.


News holds upwards to 5 or more new major additions to the game. Each point should be a summary of what has been added or changed in the game, with possible color formatting whenever it fits the news piece. The basic formatting should be as follows:

  • A golden color is used when addressing new G cards. Example: New G cards added to the 7th Audition gacha: Tendouji Musubi and Kasukabe Haru.
    • New cards should have links to the respective character's page.
  • S cards may be introduced on occasion, and a lighter version of this text is reserved for when P cards are introduced. Use parentheses with an S (Silver) or a P (Platinum) appended after the exception. Example: New G and P cards added to the 7th Audition gacha: Misonoo Mana (P) and Sakaiya Yumeno.
  • Bolding should be used for event titles and campaign titles. Example: A new event, Cocoro Dokidoki Magical Stage, is underway!
  • If there are several campaigns or numerous details under one point...
    • can use sub-points to detail each point.

Older news should be thrown in the News section of the wiki.

Wiki Updates

This section contains current major additions and progress on this wiki. This section should not be edited unless there is a large change that has happened (such as finishing the card sections of every character or finishing all of the song pages).

Naming Conventions

Character Names

Simply write the name of the character in eastern order (surname first). In other words, write the name as it would appear in-game on a card.

There are exceptions and precautions for this, however:

  • Tasha Romanovsky is written in western order.
  • Contrary to what one may think, Alessandra Susu is actually written in western order. The confusion comes from her being the only character commonly referred to by surname. Also, the surname should be Susu and not any other romanized equivalent such as Seuss.
  • Despite technically being a half-Japanese character and despite being written in eastern order on the card, Kyouko U. Uesugi is written in western order. We don't know why we decided to go with western order for this particular character, but as it stands right now, this name will be written in western order for compatibility with the character page.

Song Titles

Song titles are to be named as written in-game. Romanizations and translations may be given only on their song pages.

Some examples:

  • CORRECT: お願い☆My Boy
  • INCORRECT: Onegai, My Boy
  • CORRECT: H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!

Event Titles

Event titles are to be translated based on the user's best ability (don't use Google Translate, please). May be subject to peer review.

File naming conventions for uploads

Card and character images

Shini-tan has already established some basic naming conventions for various resources that will most likely benefit from being streamlined. As such, it is advised that you follow these guidelines for naming the files you upload to the site, for it'll make things more streamlined.

Transparent character shots (as seen in the individual profile pages) should use the following naming scheme:

Profile_[character first name]

EXAMPLE: Profile_haru

Face shots (as seen in the overall character page) should use this:

Chara_[character first name]

EXAMPLE: Chara_momoka

Character cards (which will be eventually showcased in the individual profile pages) should use this:

[character first name]_[rarity]_[one-word descriptor of card]

EXAMPLE: Tasha_ss_yukata
(Tasha Romanovsky - Arrange Yukata [SS])

EXAMPLE: Momoka_gs_prshow
(Serizawa Momoka - 100ka Prizm♪Rizm Show [GS])

In the case of type changes, swap out the second S with the following:

  • vo for Vocalist
  • va for Variety Idol
  • p for Player
  • m for Model
  • d for Dancer

Super types:

  • g for God Voice
  • c for Comedian
  • sp for Star Player
  • a for Actress
  • t for Trickster
[character first name]_[rarity + type change]_[one-word descriptor of card]

EXAMPLE: Sui_svo_uni
(Kamishiro Sui - Yellow Uni [SS - TC'd to Vocalist])

EXAMPLE: Haru_sva_star
(Kasukabe Haru - Star Dress [SS - TC'd to Variety Show Idol])

EXAMPLE: Manon_gt_magic
(Hoshigaki Manon - Rainbow Magic [GS - ST'd to Trickster])

Event/campaign banners

In progress.