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There are many paleo breakfast recipes for you to try. But, it is essential that you know first about the Paleo food basics. Usually, paleo meals consist of certain foods that were gathered or hunted before. Berries, roots, fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, eggs, meat, and fish are staples. This gives people a wide array of foods to eat. Following this type of diet doesn’t meant it has to be difficult. With your creativity, you will be able to explore your way into this excellent diet type. With this diet, you just have to avoid certain foods and ingredients. These include legumes, processed oils, potatoes, grains, sugar, salt, and dairy. When it comes to drinks, in addition to water, you can make drinks with green tea or water. You probably want to have sweet drinks once in a while. If you require to be taught more on like us on facebook, there are many libraries people should pursue. Well, you can always make much sweeter drinks with raw honey and/or coconut palm sugars. Some Easy Paleo Breakfast Recipes To Consider On Your Paleo Diet It is not very inviting to think about what food you can eat and what food you can’t early in the morning. So, to have some paleo breakfast ideas listed on a paper and pinned on your fridge door can prove to be very helpful. • You probably love eating cereals. Fortunately, you can make you own breakfast just like what you’re used to eating. It’s time for mixing. In a bowl, you can mix in your nuts and berries. This is always the quickest option to make a paleo breakfast of your own. • Tomatoes and eggs breakfast. The stir fry way. Use 2 eggs, depends on your choice. Also use tomatoes and finely sliced green onions. You should cook this ingredients using cooking fat. This breakfast recipe can definitely make you full till lunch time. This one great paleo breakfast recipe is the best. It can make you lasts till noon time. • The eggs with avocado and salsa is a flavorful paleo breakfast recipe. This is a very simple breakfast recipe. With only ten minutes, you can prepare and cook this breakfast easily. Beat the eggs, cook them under medium heat; add some salsa and avocado to it. This serves as the finishing touch for your meal. • Smoothies are also allowed in a paleo diet. You can make a flavorful one using your preferred fruits or berries. Pour in some coconut milk into your blender, and add the fruits. Nut berry is also great for making breakfast smoothie. Adding some into the paleo recipes will surely offer some aftertaste. There is an ingredient that can make your smoothie flavorful. Just add drops of the vanilla extract and there you have it The smoothie may taste with too much flavor because of the coconut milk. Add some ice to improve the taste • An almond banana pancake is not only tasty but easy to cook as well. Mash one or two bananas in the bowl, add one egg and one tablespoon of almond butter. Cook them on a non stick pan using coconut oil under medium heat. You can also add some blueberries or walnuts to your pancake. These are only some of the many paleo breakfast recipes, there is actually more for you to discover.