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This talk page will be reserved as a makeshift to-do list for things in the wiki. Updates to particular to-dos should be noted as sub-points and should be appended with a signature after each update.

Finish the rest of the song pages

  • So far, only Star☆Glitter has been partially finished. Finishing this page at least should be a priority; that way, we can eventually use that as a template for the other songs. Information about the song can be found via, though the lyrics are in the form of an image and, thus, cannot be copy and pasted directly. We'll copy what the LLSIF wiki does and only highlight portions of the song that are actually used, though we'll also add a twist unique to this game and make the lyrics also divided by what groups are active as well. This will probably be a decent reference to see what to expect in terms of sub-unit sections when playing the song. --A-zu-ra (talk) 21:50, 30 January 2015 (PST)
    • While adding the sub-unit note distributions, I realised that some of the existing ones had the combo range a little off. Just to be sure that everyone counts the same way, I consider it a new sub-unit when the score "changes".--Flip (talk) 22:36, 24 October 2015 (PDT)

Revamp the list of locations page with new information

  • This just needs an overhaul period. Some suggestions I can make are somehow adding the map with all of the places included (or at least the icons for each location), what characters and events said locations are used for, a general SP range instead of noting each section, and a general drop list rather than exact drops in each sub-location. The latter two is just to reduce clutter. --A-zu-ra (talk) 22:00, 30 January 2015 (PST)

Add information about 4U and KARAKURI in the characters page

  • The rivals section is currently blank seeing that back when it was just Shini maintaining the wiki, there weren't any rivals at the time. The only reason why we still don't have the rivals section filled is mostly because of a lack of character images, but once those are added, we can just use the existing tables to fill in the rest. (Note that the Karakuri sisters count as one person and should be treated as such when making a rival entry with them) --A-zu-ra (talk) 22:04, 30 January 2015 (PST)

Figure out a way to reorganize and revamp the Gameplay page

  • This is more just sprucing up the Gameplay page to make it less boring considering that most of the Gameplay page is much text with very little images. We could probably take a page or two from the LLSIF wiki in terms of organization and presentation. Actually, now that I think about it...(see below) --A-zu-ra (talk) 22:07, 30 January 2015 (PST)

Add a menu screencaps page

  • This cannot be stressed enough. Considering that there are several menus that would need clarifying, it would be best if there was a portal of screencaps for what to press throughout the game to save contributors the hassle of always saying "press this button, then press this 3rd button here, and then this button the right hand side, and then aoishfioajgoajgoajgo" throughout the wiki. The first image in the Gameplay section is a decent start, though it probably might be a better idea to number off each section rather than directly labeling them. As for page formatting, we can probably also take from LLSIF wiki as well, since their screencaps page is pretty organized and very helpful. --A-zu-ra (talk) 22:11, 30 January 2015 (PST)

Figure out a way to organize the cards page better

  • So far, the cards are organized in a somewhat arbitrary manner, and type changes are noted as different entries in the list. Maybe it's possible to throw type changes into the same character? However, this also introduces a new problem. (see below) --A-zu-ra (talk) 00:02, 31 January 2015 (PST)

Compiling card information for the character pages

  • Worth noting about that List of Cards page is that the tables were generated off a spreadsheet that held all of the information (well, all of the information circa the 4U Live Stage Event), making it a huge hassle to generate additional entries considering that one needs to pull the information out of the game's database to even start updating the page. Considering that only about 40 or so new cards have been released from that event to now, it probably shouldn't been that much of a hassle as it was before, but there should probably be some way to automate this process if anyone is interested in tackling it. --A-zu-ra (talk) 00:05, 31 January 2015 (PST)

Translate the stories

  • Goes without saying. The prologue sequence (Day of Beginnings), Chapter 3 of Hime's story, and Part A of Yumeno's story are partially finished, so if anyone can translate, feel free to jump in. Also, formatting is as follows: a line break corresponds to a line block in the game, and character names can have multiple lines under their name so long as they're the one that's still talking. --A-zu-ra (talk) 00:09, 31 January 2015 (PST)

Replace card images with high resolution versions

  • This could be a decent idea, though by my own personal experience, replacing images hasn't really worked all that well for me. If someone can make it work, then by all means, go for it. --A-zu-ra (talk) 00:10, 31 January 2015 (PST)
    • Though, I kinda realized that the high resolution images are stored on a server. It might take a while to get all of the images, plus updates and, thus, new cards also have to be considered in the long haul. If anyone still wants to make it work, by all means. --A-zu-ra (talk) 09:14, 4 February 2015 (PST)
    • I have tried uploading higher resolutions for cards, in particular Nishizono Honoka's B and BS cards. It's working and I'll replace more and more as I go! I hope this helps! --Avicey (talk) 07:42, 26 February 2015 (PST)

My idea of the main page

Hello everyone, in my opinion the main page right now is a bit... unorganised and quite hard to take hold of all the information. So I took a litle liberty and designed a new main page here. What do you guys think about it? I hope this can help our wiki! :D --Ronglun227 20:41 24 January 2017