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This is a new template for adding card information on a particular character that only has 3 cards total (e.g. Bronze cards or SS cards gained via Collect Items). This makes extensive use of explicit parameters for the sake of organization and ease. This is a derivative of the Cards_new template which has 4 cards available.

|card_image0= <!-- file name w/ extension -->
|card_image1= <!-- file name w/ extension -->
|card_image2= <!-- file name w/ extension -->

|costume0=   <!-- costume name -->
|costume12= <!-- star costume name -->

|type0= <!-- initial type -->
|type1=  <!-- type change -->
|type2=  <!-- type change/super type -->

|cost0= <!-- CP cost [initial] -->
|hp0=   <!-- HP cost [initial] -->
|atk0=  <!-- ATK cost [initial] -->
|cost1= <!-- CP cost [initial star] -->
|hp1=   <!-- HP cost [initial star] -->
|atk1=  <!-- ATK cost [initial star] -->
|cost2= <!-- CP cost [type change] -->
|hp2=   <!-- HP cost [type change] -->
|atk2=  <!-- ATK cost [type change] -->

|active0=   <!-- active skill [initial] -->
|active0d=  <!-- ^ description [initial] -->
|leader0=   <!-- leader skill [initial] -->
|leader0d=  <!-- ^ description  [initial] -->
|lactive0=  <!-- live stage skill [initial] -->
|lactive0d= <!-- ^ description  [initial] -->
|lleader0=  <!-- live leader skill [initial] -->
|lleader0d= <!-- ^ description  [initial] -->
|active1=   <!-- active skill [initial star] -->
|active1d=  <!-- ^ description [initial star] -->
|leader1=   <!-- leader skill [initial star] -->
|leader1d=  <!-- ^ description  [initial star] -->
|lactive1=  <!-- live stage skill [initial star] -->
|lactive1d= <!-- ^ description  [initial star] -->
|lleader1=  <!-- live leader skill [initial star] -->
|lleader1d= <!-- ^ description  [initial star] -->
|active2=   <!-- active skill [type change] -->
|active2d=  <!-- ^ description [type change] -->
|leader2=   <!-- leader skill [type change] -->
|leader2d=  <!-- ^ description  [type change] -->
|lactive2=  <!-- live stage skill [type change] -->
|lactive2d= <!-- ^ description  [type change] -->
|lleader2=  <!-- live leader skill [type change] -->
|lleader2d= <!-- ^ description  [type change] -->

|quote0= <!-- quote [initial] -->
|quote1= <!-- quote [initial star] -->
|quote2= <!-- quote [type change] -->

A vast amount of this information can be found via a database file included in the game files, something only people with jailbroken iPhones and rooted Androids have access to. The following about the template is explained below:

  • 0-2: Easy identifiers for the different states of the same card. Consistent throughout this template, those states are:
    • 0: Initial state (one that has not done a Special Lesson yet)(Bronze) or Star state (Collect Item-obtained SS)
    • 1: Star state (obtained after a Special Lesson)(Bronze) or Type change state (Collect Item-obtained SS)
    • 2: Type change state (Bronze) or Second type change state (Collect Item-obtained SS)
  • Card image: The name of the card image to be used. The extension is necessary.
  • Costume: The name of the costumes in that card. Note that there are only two fields; that is because Star and Type Change all share the same costume. In the case of a Collect Item-obtained SS, put the costume name in both fields.
  • Type: The types for each card. In the case of a Bronze, put the type in both type0 and type1.
    Type Vocalist, Variety, Model, Player, or Actress within {{ }} in this field. A-zu-ra is testing his pixel art skills and making icons for each type. Super types and no type will come soon.
  • Cost/HP/ATK: Cost, HP, and ATK values for each card. Each set corresponds to a different card state (see above).
  • Active/Leader/LActive/LLeader: Active skills, leader skills, live stage skills, and live stage leader skills. The options with "d" appended at the end are descriptions of those skills.
    As with Cost/HP/ATK, each set corresponds to a different card state.
  • Quote: The quote that the given card state says. Usually seen on the top-right when viewing a card's details in-game.