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This is a template for adding information on a particular character. Since Shini-tan wrote this and included this in several pages, there are no explicit parameters which means that everything must be done in this particular order.

Template char help.PNG
| <!-- original name -->
| <!-- age -->
| <!-- birthday (zodiac sign) -->
| <!-- blood type -->
| <!-- height -->
| <!-- weight -->
| <!-- three sizes -->
| <!-- voice actor; include [[ ]] tags -->
| <!-- nickname -->
| <!-- talents -->
| <!-- likes -->
| <!-- status -->
| <!-- profile bio -->
| <!-- file name for image; no file extension necessary -->

Most of the information on this page can be found on http://t7s.jp/character. On the right is information that you'll usually see when you select a character on that page. The template goes in the following order:

  • Original name: In other words, the name in Japanese.
  • Age: Exactly what it says on the tin. First item on the table when viewing this via T7S's website.
  • Birthday (zodiac sign): The character's birth date and their zodiac sign. Second item. Zodiac sign is in parentheses after the birthday. Possible zodiac signs:
    • おひつじ座: aries
    • おうし座: taurus
    • ふたご座: gemini
    • かに座: cancer
    • しし座: leo
    • おとめ座: virgo
    • てんびん座: libra
    • さそり座: scorpio
    • いて座: sagittarius
    • やぎ座: capricorn
    • みずがめ座: aquarius
    • うお座: pisces
  • Blood type: Exactly what it says on the tin. Third item.
  • Height: Exactly what it says on the tin. Fourth item, first value.
  • Weight: Exactly what it says on the tin. Fourth item, second value.
  • Three sizes: That thing that Japanese character creators like for some reason. Fifth item.
  • Voice actor: Who voices the character. Sixth item. Should be romanized if possible in Eastern order (surname first).
    [[ ]] tags must be included manually since Shini-tan didn't include them in the original template.
  • Nickname: Alternative names that the character goes by in-universe. Seventh item.
  • Talents: What this character is particularly good at. Eighth item. Translation does not need to be direct to the original i.e. "Cleaning" instead of "Cleaning!!"
  • Likes: What this character likes. Ninth item. Treat spaces on the character page as separate items, separated by a comma in the template.
  • Status: The character's current occupation. Tenth and final item on the table.
  • Profile bio: A little description of the character, to be translated from the character page. It's the item below the name.
  • File name for image: Exactly what it says on the tin. Only the file name sans file extension is necessary.