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This template is used for the Current Events and Campaigns table on the main page of this wiki. Since this template is relatively simple, it will only use implicit parameters.

| <!-- file name sans extension (all files assumed to be .png) -->
| <!-- link to the respective active notice section -->
| <!-- title (keep it short; boxes are small) -->
| <!-- subtitle (keep it short; boxes are small -->

The parameters are explained as follows:

  • File name sans extension: Exactly what it says on the tin. Since all banners are expected to be ripped directly from the game (all of the banners are .png), the extension is not needed.
  • Link to the respective active notice section: A link to its proper section in the Active Notices page.
  • Title: The title of the event/campaign. If the original title is long, shorten it (for example: "Valentines Chocolate Presents from the Members of Nanastar" can be simplified as just "Valentines Chocolate"). Consistent events, campaigns, and announcements such as Live Stage/Raid Events, Referral Campaigns, and new EPISODE and rival announcements should remain titled as such.
  • Subtitle: A laconic explanation or identifier of the event/campaign. For consistent events, campaigns, and announcements, have the subtitle be the focus character or title.