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This is a template for easy song page generation. This makes extensive use of explicit parameters for the sake of organization and ease.

|jacket= <!-- file name w/ extension -->
|songtitle= <!-- name of the song -->
|songunit= <!-- name of the unit that sang this song -->
|songattr= <!-- attribute of the song -->

|information= <!-- information about the song -->

<!-- difficulty levels -->
|normal= <!-- normal difficulty level -->
|hard= <!-- hard difficulty level -->
|expert= <!-- expert difficulty level -->

<!-- easy combo requirements -->

<!-- normal combo requirements -->

<!-- hard combo requirements -->

<!-- expert combo requirements -->


Lyrics can be handled by adding this after the template:

{| class="wikitable"
!  Original !! Romaji !! English

|- <!-- add more of this for additional rows; useful for separating different portions of the song --> 


The information on this page can be found on http://t7s.jp/release/index.html, as well as in-game. The following about the template is explained below:

  • Jacket: The image file of the cover jacket found in the game.
  • Song Title: The **romanized** song title.
  • Song Unit: The unit that sings this song.
  • Song Attribute: The attribute of this song (you can use the type templates to display the respective icon).
  • Information: The information associated with this song, which can be seen on the official site's release pages.
  • Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert: The respective difficulty levels of the song.
  • [Difficulty][Grade] Combo: The respective combo requirements for each grade and difficulty of the song.