Yamai Sawori

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Profile sawori.png
Original name 夜舞サヲリ
Age 14
Birthday October 29 (Scorpio)
Blood type A
Height 168 cm
Weight 48 kg
Three sizes B79/W56/H77
Voiced by Inagawa Eri
Nickname Sawori
Talent Wounds heal quickly
Likes Taking the bus
Status Middle school student
A girl with a lot of bandages who is always smiling and energetic. She gets into a lot of unfortunate accidents, but her wounds heal extremely quickly, so when she takes off the bandages, all that's left are scratches. No matter how badly she's wounded, she'll always be smiling on stage.


Bronze (Summer Uniform)

Sawori b summer.jpgSawori bs summer.jpg
Type variety icon.png Type variety icon.png
Summer Uniform Purple Dress
CP 4 CP 9
HP 475→??? HP 668→???
ATK 192→??? ATK 270→???
Skill Calamity Idol!? Skill Watch Out...!!
Effect Raises unit ATK Effect Raises unit ATK
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote I'm Yamai Sawori - just call me Yamai! I'll do my best-- Watch out above? Is there something above me? Quote I messed up last time... to think a bucket would fall down out of nowhere. This time I'll definitely be cute! ...Huh, the mic?
Sawori bv summer.jpgNo card.png
Type vocalist icon.png N/A
Purple Dress N/A
CP ??? CP N/A
Max HP ??? Max HP N/A
Max ATK ??? Max ATK N/A
Skill Watch Out...!! Skill N/A
Effect Raises unit ATK Effect N/A
L. Skill ??? L. Skill N/A
Effect ??? Effect N/A
Quote ??? Quote N/A

Silver (Casual Clothes)

Sawori s casual.jpgSawori ss casual.jpg
Type variety icon.png Type variety icon.png
Casual Clothes ???
CP 6 CP ???
HP 712→??? HP ???
ATK 288→??? ATK ???
Skill It Happened Again... Skill ???
Effect Raises unit ATK Effect ???
L. Skill None L. Skill ???
Effect N/A Effect ???
Quote Sorry for looking so beat up... Hm, my clothes look cute on me? Hehe, you're such a flirt, Manager♪ Quote ???
Sawori sv casual.jpgSawori sm casual.jpg
Type vocalist icon.png Type model icon.png
??? ???
CP ??? CP ???
Max HP ??? Max HP ???
Max ATK ??? Max ATK ???
Skill ??? Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
L. Skill ??? L. Skill ???
Effect ??? Effect ???
Quote ??? Quote ???